La Casina Restaurant: meeting between taste and tradition

A small place surrounded by chestnut trees where you can be pampered near Lake Garda in Trentino: the menu, the advice on how to reach it and the details on the atmosphere of the La Casina Restaurant.

Taste and tradition combine perfectly in this wonderful restaurant surrounded by chestnut trees and small fruit crops. The perfect destination for those who love nature and the atmosphere it can generate. The ideal place to spend a lunch with friends or even in intimacy. Here we are at "La Casina" restaurant, where the Lady Chef will make you fall in love with every dish. From the simple platter of cold cuts and cold cuts to the most elaborate second courses of meat but with authentic knowledge. Are you curious? Ready to taste delicious dishes?

La Casina Restaurant: meeting between taste and tradition

Where is the La Casina Restaurant

We are in Drena a small village about fifteen kilometers from Garda Lake in Trentino. Here is the homonymous Castle that dominates the splendid from above Sarca Valley below and the whole area of ​​the Marocche, a biotope where you can take nice walks and get a little hungry. A splendid panorama, I assure you. The area is also renowned for chestnuts. In fact, in the autumn months you can take a stroll among these splendid trees that are filled with colors.

How to get there

Go up the winding road that leads to the Val di Cavedine until you reach the small town of Drena. Turn right and follow the signs you find along the road to the restaurant "La Casina". It is well signposted all along the route, so don't worry, there is no danger of getting lost. A few more turns and here we are in this wonderful restaurant where you can enjoy excellent cuisine.

La Casina restaurant: what to expect

Large rooms with barrel vaults to accommodate large groups who want to celebrate the most beautiful anniversaries. But also hidden corners to be more intimate and thus offer guests the necessary romance. All this awaits you inside the restaurant. A place with a delicate and authentic taste suitable for everyone and everyone.
Have you decided to try it during the summer heat? No problem. The outdoor pergola will shelter you from the hot sun, giving you some shade to enjoy a great meal. Are you already looking forward to the refreshment?

La Casina Restaurant: meeting between taste and tradition

Dishes: what to taste

Here you are spoiled for choice. A menu with an excellent choice of dishes, especially typical or that in any case use local products, such as small fruits or chestnuts from the area.
Not sure what to choose? Here, too, the problem is solved very quickly. Try the fabulous tasting menu so you can get an idea of ​​the delicacies proposed. In this case you will be served an appetizer, an encore of first courses, a second course and a dessert. Don't forget to order del good local wine to wet all these delicacies.
One thing not to be underestimated is that this changes according to the seasonality of the raw materials, so strawberries and other small fruits in the summer and pumpkin and chestnuts in the colder period.

La Casina Restaurant: meeting between taste and tradition

I would therefore say that the La Casina restaurant it is the ideal place to spend a few hours in company and enjoy well-kept and tasty dishes. Not a simple restaurant but a place where you can feel pampered like a "little house". Are you already booking? Enjoy your meal!

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