Valencia: 5 places to eat

Where to enjoy an excellent Valencian paella and other delicacies? Read the article and discover the top five places not to be missed during your trip to Valencia.

If you've never been to Valencia, beautiful city located on the Spanish East Coast, you must immediately fix it.
Valencia is joy, fun, culture and, above all, good food.
The most famous dish in the city is certainly la Paella Valenciana, made with rabbit meat, chicken, white beans, snow peas and snails.
It is a very particular dish, with a strong taste, much less delicate than the typical Paella.

Valencia: 5 places to eat

Another very famous dish that I personally like very much is the Arroz.
Arroz is still a sort of Paella, cooked in the most diverse ways, where the characteristic is that the fish is already shelled.
Moving towards the area ofAlbufera, moreover, we find the famous All I Pebre, or, stewed eel with potatoes. The appearance is not very inviting but, in my opinion, it is a great dish.

Valencia: 5 places to eat

But which restaurants where you can taste all these delicacies?

Below you will find my personal selection.

1. The Valenciana

This restaurant is right in the heart of Valencia and it's a really nice little place to dine, the staff are nice and the atmosphere very nice.
Besides the a la carte menu, it also has a set menu which I absolutely recommend because it has various courses, an honest price and you can choose whether to taste the famous one Paella Valenciana or stay on the classic Fish paella.

Valencia: 5 places to eat

Although I am not a lover of this type of Paella, I must admit that it was cooked very well, so if you want to taste it, this is the place.

2. Raco de les eres

This family-run restaurant is located in the village of El Palmar in the Albufera natural park.
Here I tasted theAll I Pebre and l 'Seafood rice which were really yummy!

Not to mention the dessert, the Cheesecake (similar to cheesecake) with fig jam: a pleasure.

Valencia: 5 places to eat

I know they also have a set menu and they told me the courses are really good and plentiful, so just in case you can go for that too.
We were there for lunch, the staff were really nice and the bill absolutely honest.

3. El Bobo

El Bobo, is located on the Paseo Malvarrosa, the promenade of Valencia.
Try theirs Black rice, made with squid ink rice and some fish.
The view is truly beautiful, overlooking the sea. I count absolutely honest.

4. Civera Marisqueria

Driven by the super positive reviews around the web, I decided to go to this restaurant in the center of Valencia.
The environment is refined, the raw materials are excellent and the bill is high (by Spanish standards, because in reality it is spent like going to dinner in any restaurant in Italy).

Valencia: 5 places to eat

Here I ate one Salmon and Avocado Tartare which, in addition to being really abundant, was also super good! Also excellentRice, full of fish and very tasty.

Highly recommended for a chic evening and to eat good fish!

5. Central Market

I also insert the Central Market of Valencia in the list, because, in my opinion, here you can find a lot of good things to eat, some street food style!
A must have breakfast here, with the freshly made juices for only € 1 and all the delicious desserts!

Valencia: 5 places to eat

Here you can also find one of my favorite foods, the famous ones Empanadas, stuffed with meat and tuna oi Churros, to be immersed strictly in a nice glass of hot chocolate.

Valencia: 5 places to eat

And if you stay in an apartment, you can do a nice shopping of fish to cook on your own, or buy the typical local cold cuts and take them directly to Italy (they sell many vacuum-packed things that you can take on the plane).
In short, I have been a couple of times to the Central Market and I would have stayed there for hours to taste anything!

We can say that when a city is beautiful, it fills your heart, but when you eat well, then it becomes unbeatable!

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