Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon, itineraries

Itineraries for the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon, where to sleep, how to get there and how to visit the Skywalk, the transparent walkway that offers incredible scenery.

Premise: to visit i National Parks of the US you need to buy the annual pass which allows entry to all parks for a period of one year and it is possible to buy it at the entrance of the first park you visit as long as it is managed by the National Parks Service and costs about $ 80,00.

In US National Parks one must adhere to certain rules behavioral and precisely: since the park is a protected environment, smoking is not allowed; it is not allowed to feed the animals they meet; it is not allowed to collect flowers or plants and in some places not even rocks. Animals seen with calls or noises must not be disturbed; waste must be placed in special containers which must be closed properly. For any problem inform i Rangers (dressed in green) that meet both at the entrances and around the park.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is located north of the State ofArizona and develops in length for over 400 km. Las Vegas is the nearest city with an international airport where you can rent cars for excursions to the park on both sides. However, it is not the closest and so it is better to move by car or bus and reach the places where to stay overnight and from which to move the following morning in order to take full advantage of the day dedicated to visiting this wonderful park.

It is therefore worthwhile stay in Page if you are planning to visit the North Rim ea Flagstaff if you intend to see the South Rim. From Page it is also possible to make other very interesting visits such asAntelope Canyon e Horseshoe Bend while from Flagstaff it is easy to reach the Meteor crater and possibly also the Petrified Forest.

Keep in mind that Page and Flagstaff are two small towns and do not have a large number of hotels and therefore it is appropriate book before leaving not to be forced to stay hundreds of km from the park as there are no other inhabited centers except, in fact, over 100 km.

During the excursion which usually lasts all day it is possible to stop and eat in the many rest areas or in the restaurants and self-services that are located in some specific points of the park and are well supplied, especially in the Grand Canyon Village on the south edge. Less equipped is the north edge where the road leading to panoramic point in winter it can be closed due to snow because this observation point is located at 2500 meters above sea level.

Le visits are very complex and range from simple observation from the panoramic points along the edge (on the south side there are at least 5 all very spectacular) to excursions downhill to the Colorado River on which it can be done Rafting aboard dinghies lasting one or more days with overnight stays in tents but in these cases the departure is not from here but you have to move just outside the park where you can get to the river directly. It is also possible to fly over the canyon with small planes but it is quite expensive; however the airport is within walking distance.

Staying on the south side it is possible to reach by car from Las Vegas the spectacular transparent walkway called Skywalk which allows you to see over a thousand meters deep just under your feet. Admission is subject to a fee as it is a private structure and part of the route to get there is on dirt tracks, so hire a car suitable for this route.

Bryce Canyon

Il Bryce Canyon is located north of the Grand Canyon, we are within the borders of the state of Utah, in a rather isolated position so much that from Page it takes 300 km of road with many curves which means over 5 hours by car. The show is great; with all the pinnacles and intricate designs formed by the water that has eroded the rocks that here take on a color ranging from yellow to red.

In the park you can make simple excursions on the edge or you can also go down to visit from below following dirt paths on foot lasting one to two hours that guarantee unique emotions.
In these cases it is necessary to carry the amount of water which is believed to be needed in a warm environment (keep in mind that we are at 2500 meters above sea level but at the height of North Africa) and that instead of winter here we often have snow.

Here too there is a refreshment center and some very small accommodation options but usually this park is visited on a day trip and then overnight in Page or in Saint George. In any case, it is an excursion that takes up the whole day.

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