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Budapest Central Market, a place in the city not to be missed. Don't limit yourself to seeing only the first floor, but go up to the second and go down below the ground floor, a world of typical products to discover.

One of the things to do absolutely during a trip to Budapest, as well as a stage between coffee and pastry shops historians, is to go to Central Market (or Vasarcsarnok, or Great Market Hall) in Fovam tér, a few steps from the Szabasag hid, on the bank of Pest.

As you can guess from the name it is the largest covered market in the city, here you can really find everything, in fact it is perfect for stocking the kitchen if you are staying in an apartment and want to save money.

The structure is impressive and dates back to late '800, immediately recognizable by the exposed brick exterior and colored ceramic roof. Entering you find yourself in a bustling labyrinth of streets where you can buy fruit and vegetables, meat, spices, manufactured products and much more. The second floor with iron balcony makes the room even more crowded, here are found in particular the food stands which offer the most genuine culinary products.

This is the best place to try some Hungarian specialties, like the langos, similar to giant pancakes that can be garnished with any kind of treat: sauces, cheeses, meats, vegetables and so on and so forth. I had the unfortunate idea of ​​eating a whole one as a snack… but it could replace a whole lunch. Depending on the filling, the expense is around 5€, but I assure you that after one of these you will be satiated for hours.

The market is a real gem, to be seen not only for the beauty of the structure, but also for the typical products that are sold here. Don't forget the upper floor and the lower floor because they deserve to be seen in the same way, don't stop at the entrance then!

The hours of this structure vary according to the day, the Sunday is closed, while for the rest of the week it opens every morning at 6.00 to close at 17.00 on Mondays, at 18.00 from Tuesday to Friday and at 15 on Saturdays.

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