How to go by bus from New York to nearby cities

Near New York are important cities rich in history and culture such as Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC. The most convenient and economical way to visit them is with a travel by bus.

There are various bus companies who perform this service. Some provide transportation only, while others, in addition to transportation, include a guided tour of the city. The main ones city ​​near New York that you can visit are: Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Atlantic City.

Both services can be booked online. Our advice is to opt for transport only if you find very low rates, even under $ 10 each way, otherwise it is better to prefer transport + city tour.

Transport only

MegaBus is the leading low-cost bus company in the United States.

BoltBus is a bus company with quite competitive prices.

Peter Pan Bus Lines is a low cost bus company that offers the best prices for some routes.

‎Greyhound is the main bus company in the USA.

Washington Deluxe Premier Bus Travel Service is the main bus company for the Washintong DC-New York line.

Fung Wah Bus is a bus company of Chinese origin that connects Boston to New York.

Transport + tour

Transportation by bus + city tour is the best choice for visiting cities around New York, especially as these tours are almost always daily. The departure takes place early in the morning and the return is late in the evening.

Transportation by bus New York - Boston + city tour

Transportation by bus New York - Washington DC + city tour

Bus transportation New York - Philadelphia + city tour

Trip duration

New York - Boston: 4 to 4 and a half hours

New York - Washington DC: 4 to 4 and a half hours

New York - Philadelphia: 2 to 2 hours

New York - Baltimore: 3 to 4 hours

New York - Atlantic City: 2 to 3 hours

Megabus bus stop New York -

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