Festa del Torrone, to discover the flavors of the Cremonese tradition

    The Cremona Torrone Festival is one of the most beautiful and good events for those who love torrone in Italy.

    Cremona annually celebrates its most famous dessert with the Festa del Torrone, an event that takes place in the two central weekends of November, will therefore be between 15 and 23 November 2014 that the city center will be filled with stands, events and people.

    The initiatives are really many and each edition is richer than the previous one: it will be an opportunity to go back in time to feel at the time of the invention of this dessert by attending shows, historical re-enactments and tasting dishes of the time; you can participate in workshops or attend moments of entertainment of all kinds and taste traditional local products.

    Festa del Torrone, to discover the flavors of the Cremonese tradition

    This year the theme will be multimedia and it is precisely for this reason that on many occasions they will try to combine technology, culinary traditions and history. Another very important element that will characterize the event is the sport to which a sort of village is dedicated right in Piazza Stradivari, where you can play basketball, badminton, trampolines and even human table football ... after all, nougat eaten a little physical activity will certainly not hurt!

    If you are an art lover or simply want to discover new places during the days of the Nougat Festival, you can visit particular places usually not open to the public, such as Renaissance Cortile Fodri and Palazzo Stanga Trecco, recently extensively restored, for the occasion you can also explore another important Cremonese art by visiting the workshop of the luthier Konya. Many shows and workshops dedicated to cinema, music and digital technologies. However, nougat will be the protagonist of many initiatives: from tastings of this dessert combined with grappas and beers to cooking challenges and shows dedicated to him, but also a sort of itinerary in the shops of the center, all focused on the typical products of the Cremona area.

    Festa del Torrone, to discover the flavors of the Cremonese tradition

    Obviously there will be initiatives dedicated to children, which every day will have shows, workshops and activities all for them such as reading fairy tales and making objects with recycled materials, also the Violin Museum and other places in the city will offer special visits, tales and treasure hunts.
    The crucial moment of the whole event, however, will take place on November 22, when a parade will leave from the center of Milan to arrive in Cremona by train, and remember the marriage of Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti, during which tradition has it that the torrone was invented, whose shape and name are homage to the symbol of the city, the bell tower next to the Cathedral, the Torrazzo.

    For about ten days an important photographic exhibition has also been inaugurated in the spaces of the Violin Museum, dedicated to the birth of the Magnum and its founders (Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson tell you anything?) del Torrone will certainly be a good opportunity to “kill two birds with one stone”.

    Festa del Torrone, to discover the flavors of the Cremonese tradition

    For those who arrive in the city from Lombardy using trains Trenord there is a special promotion that allows you to have a return ticket from anywhere in the Region, a meal in the Ristorrone with a traditional menu and a guided tour of the city: adults € 33, € 14 for children up to 14 years and free for children up to 3 years. If, on the other hand, you want to arrive in Cremona in style on November 15th, you can experience the thrill of leaving Milan, Lodi and Codogno with a steam train from the 20s.

    The initiatives are really many, of all kinds and for anyone, so the advice is to study the website well and also visit the Facebook page of the event where every day they share the various activities planned in the busy program.

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