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Miami is one of the main tourist destinations around the world, it is estimated that more than 12 million tourists visit the city every year. The city is divided into two areas: Miami which is the real city, and Miami Beach, a series of islands connected to the city by bridges.

The most touristic areas of the city are Miami Beach and Downtown. Quite often, in addition to visiting the city, tourists also add a visit to the west coast of Florida, the Keys or Orlando, the world capital of amusement parks.

Le wonderful sandy beaches and its magnificent climate all year round, are the main tourist attractions. Miami has so much to offer that it attracts all types of visitors, from Spring Break tourists, to families and celebrities. In addition to tourists, the city attracts business travelers who participate in holding exhibitions, conferences and seminars.

Even if it is the most important city in Florida, it is not the capital of the country. It is part of the county of Miami Dade, which includes many autonomous cities such as Miami Beach, Bal Harbor,… The city has over 400 inhabitants, while if we consider the entire metropolitan area it reaches 3,5 million residents. This population growth is due to strong internal migration and strong international immigration.

Miami is a truly multi-ethnic city with a strong Hispanic influence. Economic activity is very intense, representing one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States. Economic activity is formed by a service economy: a very solid banking system, a very strong tourism industry, and many dynamic activities related to construction, trade, import and export.

The American Riviera is a place of fun for everyone. While clubbers enjoy the fun nightlife, sun worshipers flock to the beaches to enjoy its turquoise waters. At the same time, some tourists go shopping and others enjoy the many sporting activities that the city offers. The Art Deco District is arguably South Florida's premier attraction, and the second largest after Disneyworld in Orlando.

The most touristic city in Florida is well equipped to receive millions of tourists every year. At first glance it may seem an open-air museum for architecture enthusiasts, it has the largest collection of Art Deco buildings in the world. All the city's artistic works are well preserved thanks to the efforts of environmentalists.

To see

Miami Beach - the city's main district

Zoological Wildlife Foundation - wildlife park

Port of Miami

Miami Seaquarium - dolphinarium and aquarium

Freedom Tower – museo

Miami Beach Botanical Garden - botanical garden

Art Deco district

The Falls Shopping Center - shopping mall

Monkey Jungle – zoo

Miami Children's Museum - children's museum

Wynwood Walls –

Crandon Park – zoo

Villa Vizcaya - garden and museum

Jungle Island - zoo, water park and safari

Ocean Drive - the main street of the city

Museum Park - park

When to go

With a mild and pleasant climate all year round, the city of Miami can be visited all year round. Indeed, the best times are the winter months when temperatures are not particularly high and you can easily enjoy the beach and sea. The least favorable period is in late summer when hurricanes are likely.


The best areas to sleep in Miami are the downtown area, also known as Downtown Miami and Miami Beach. Both areas allow easy access to the main attractions of the city, and are also well connected by public transport. They are safe tourist areas and from where you can easily reach the beach, especially South Beach. For entertainment, especially in the evening, there are various restaurants, pubs, bars and discos.

Getting around

The city of Miami offers a good public transportation system. The best and cheapest way to get around the city is public transport. There are three ways to reach and move around the city by public transport: the Metrorail (a kind of city train), the Metrobus (bus network), and the Metromover (a raised meter whose use is free).

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