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Volterra Tuscany

Volterra is a renowned town of about 11.000 inhabitants nestled between rocky crags and green hills that is located in Toscana in province of Pisa.

questa splendida tourist destination, well known for the extraction and processing ofalabaster, rises on a hill and preserves the signs of the Etruscan domination.

Volterra what to see

Volterra it's a medieval village which has so much to visit.

Here is according to us the Staff of Forbookinglovers.com what to see in Volterra:

Volterra where to eat well

Palazzo dei Priori Volterra

Il Palazzo dei Priori was built in 1239 from maestro Riccardo and has the form of a parallelepiped.

This majestic structure it is decorated with the coats of arms of Florentine captains and houses, inside, frescoes e paintings of artists like Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Raffaellino del Garbo and many others.

Volterra Cathedral

La Volterra Cathedral it was built in 1120 on the foundations of a church pre-existing dedicated to Santa Maria.

Inside it has arches and vaults with frescoes e paintings incredible that will leave you speechless.

Medicean Fortress Volterra

La Medici fortress was built on the highest part of the volterra mountain and consists of two parts such as:

  • Rocca Antica: it is the oldest part of the fortress and includes a semi-elliptical tower attributed to Duke of Athens Gialtieri di Brienna.
  • Rocca Nuova: it was built by Lorenzo De Medici for military use it was also used as a political prison.

More things to see and places to visit in Volterra I'm:

  • Murai love: built in the XNUMXth century it was a reinforcement and reconstruction of the Etruscan wall.
  • Renaissance palaces: they are 6 and they are the Maffei Palace, Inghirami Palace, Palazzo Viti, Beltrami Palace, Marchi Palace and Minucci Palace.

The little known Tuscan villages
  • Doors: are the entrances to access the medieval town and are Porta Marcoli, Door to Selci, Door of Docciola, Gate of the Arch, Porta Diana, Porta San Felice, Porta Fiorentina, Porta Menseri Porta San Francesco.

  • Case Torri: they are beautiful medieval houses and they are Tuscan Tower House, Casa-Torre Buoniperti e Casa-Torre Baldinotti.
  • References: who are there Source of San Felice and Source of Docciola.

Another advice that we give you is to visit theRoman amphitheater, the museums, le churches towns, the Pinacoteca Civica le Etruscan necropolis which are really beautiful.

Volterra Vampires

After the exit of the Twilight saga, Volterra has become a pilgrimage town for the vampire lovers.

It is now famous all over the world not only its own extreme beauty but also thanks to tourists who want to see live the locations where i film.

The places affected by the film are there Piazza dei Priori, Via Roma, Via Franceschino, Via San Lino, Porta San Francesco and manhole of Vicolo Mazzoni.

To get information and advice on restaurants consult Volterra where to eat well.

Volterra pictures and photos

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