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    Sleeping in South Tyrol: Hotel Bad Schörgau

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    Judit Llordés

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    THEBad Schörgau hotels it is found at sarentino, a few kilometers from Bolzano, and is one of the most beautiful mountain hotels I have ever seen. Definitely welcoming, minimal and simple in its rooms as well as elaborate and rich in the dishes of its restaurant.

    Unfortunately I slept here only one night even though I was very happy. The Hotel is one of most beautiful in the area and if you don't know exactly where it is, you probably won't get there by chance. The entrance offers a small vegetable garden where in the morning it is possible to taste the juices of melissa and other delights extended with the hotel water which has its own source private. There breakfast is abundant and with all the flavors of South Tyrol, from strudel with salty, cheese and speck in large quantities.

    The whole hotel is made of a light wood and very fragrant. A beautiful cozy room offers guests the pleasure of reading especially on cold winter evenings with a nice fireplace large which is located in the middle of the room. The rooms are large and simple, I dare say minimal. There are no excesses both in colors and materials as in the furnishings. A classic mountain style that invites you to rest and fresh apples are never lacking in your room.

    Finally the wellness center and the spa are the finishing touches of this hotel. The spa offers various treatments at the mountain pine, a plant that grows only in this area and of which the inhabitants and local structures are very proud. The spa is brand new, in light wood and with a large room with windows on the outside to relax lying down while enjoying a good herbal tea or dried fruit (you have no idea of ​​the delight). For those who feel like it and want to do something, there is also a Turkish bath, a sauna and a foot path. Finally in the outdoor area of ​​the spa there is a large heated swimming pool and three small pools for whirlpool. Not bad as a hotel, the rooms are over the top 120 € per night The master bedroom.

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