Salem, the city of witches

    Salem, the city of witches

    One of the things that has always intrigued me is the city of Salem. Both for its history and for its association that every year is made at the gates of Halloween. Salem, the city of witches, but what is so significant to be associated with this holiday, which is very much felt in America. Leaving aside the fact that in recent years we celebrate Halloween more and more, and not only children but also adults, the real festival of yellow pumpkins comes from the States.

    Salem is located on the north coast of Massachusetts, alone 25 kilometers from Boston and is remembered in America, but for the now known witch hunt that dates back to 1692 and on which they made many films. In addition to the fact that television commercials, series and even entire films are often shot here, Salem is a natural film set if you only think about its history, stuff that someone a little sensitive could not even spend a few hours on. But let's go in order. What happens to Salem on Halloween.

    On Halloween, Salem has tons of events, some taking place throughout the month of October. The Haunted Happenings are the special events that take place after dark. All the inhabitants of the city gather in the town center with Halloween costumes and make parades. There is nothing scary, it's just a way to have fun, it is certain that seeing all these masks can also be a little scary. Throughout the month there are markets, gastronomic events with delicacies prepared by the inhabitants of Salem, up to Samhain, the ancient name of Halloween.

    During the night of October 31st, on horseback with November 1st, the inhabitants of the city celebrate the last night of their many events. All tourists and foreigners are invited to celebrate with them and every year a very rich program is found on the site of the city of Salem. If you are thinking of booking, look carefully and to travel low cost prefer i flights arriving in Boston.

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