The best amusement parks in Orlando: which ones to visit

If you're planning a trip or vacation to Florida and want to visit Orlando's best amusement parks, here's a quick guide. Between 10 best amusement parks in the world, six are located in this Florida town.

There are so many theme parks in Orlando that 2 whole weeks would not be enough to visit them all. But then which ones to visit in a city that offers so many amusement parks and attractions in general?

The answer is varied and it depends on tastes and preferences, and various factors such as: if you are traveling with family and children in tow, as a couple or with friends, and by the budget to devote to visiting the parks.

The Disney parks and which form the Walt Disney World Resort, are the most famous of Orlando, but there are many others. The parks that make up Universal Orlando Resort and those linked to SeaWorld are some that complete the great tourist and entertainment offer of this area of ​​Florida.

Orlando's best parks for kids and families

If you are traveling with your family and children in tow, the best amusement parks in Orlando are those of the large resort of Walt Disney World. This gigantic amusement venue includes 4 theme parks, 2 water parks and various attractions, as well as themed hotels and entertainment venues.

For children to visit especially Magic Kingdom, the kingdom of fairy tales and magic, will be an unforgettable experience, while for adults it will be an excellent opportunity to become children again. In the park there are also attractions for the older ones.

Even the visit of the parks of the Universal Orlando Resort it can be done with children, the parks have thematic areas dedicated to children. In addition, marine parks such as SeaWorld Orlando and wildlife parks are always a great destination for the whole family.

Legoland Florida it is not really in Orlando but it is definitely a great destination if you are traveling with children. It is a park suitable for families with children, and for lovers of colored bricks. Here the imagination is at home and children can have various educational and fun experiences.

I water parks Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach of Walt Disney World, Aquatica of Seaworld and Universal's Volcano Bay of Universal Orlando Resort, are a great destination for families and children, especially on the hottest days.

Orlando's best parks for young people, couples and adults

For young people and couples, and in general for an adult public, the best parks are those of the Universal Studios Resort. In the parks there are exceptional attractions related to the world of cinema and TV. Each attraction allows you to live and try a unique experience, with special effects of the highest level, which make the experience as realistic as possible.

I Disney parks, especially EPCOT and Disney's Hollywood Studios are a great choice for young people, couples and adults in general. The other 2 Disney's Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom parks can also be very interesting, because they have many attractions for adults too, and allow you to fully experience the magic of Disney.

I water parks Aquatica of Seaworld, Universal's Volcano Bay of Universal Orlando Resort and the Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach parks of Walt Disney World, are an excellent destination for couples and groups of friends on vacation in Orlando, especially on the hottest days.

Orlando's best amusement parks

Magic Kingdom

Definitely Magic Kingdom is the most emblematic park in Orlando. It was the first Walt Disney World park to open and the one that later marked the tourist future of this Florida city.

For its magic, its originality and, of course, its fame, the visit is recommended for everyone. It is certainly a park aimed at children, but it is also visited and loved by adults. Most of the attractions are for the little ones, but there are plenty of attractions for adults too.

Universal of Islands Adventure

In this theme park you can live and try lots of exciting attractions. It is one of the most famous parks in the city and also one of the most desired by those seeking adventure. It is considered the best theme park in the world, based on the opinion expressed by visitors.

The park is divided into 8 islands, each with a different thematic area. Three of the most popular: the Marvel Super Hero island linked to Marvel superheroes, Jurassic Park, Skull Island dedicated to King Kong, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter linked to the famous saga with worldwide success.

Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is an amusement park operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. Visitors can interact with a variety of animals in the park, including many animals and marine species such as dolphins. The most beautiful experience in the park is the chance to swim in a coral reef, surrounded by thousands of tropical fish.

Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida is a theme park and production studio by NBC Universal. The park is divided into different thematic areas, and each hosts various attractions that reproduce experiences and settings of the main films produced by Universal Studios.

Unlike Universal Studios Hollywood, which is a TV and film studio turned theme park, Universal Studios Florida was designed from the start as a theme park and studio.


EPCOT is one of the best theme parks in the world, as well as being one of Orlando's most popular parks. It is one of four theme parks that make up the gigantic Walt Disney World resort. The park is divided into two parts: Future World and World Showcase.

This park is more dedicated to adults, although it can also be visited with children. There are some attractions dedicated to the little ones. The first part of Epcot is Future World, with attractions dedicated to the future. In this area the simulation of a futuristic society is mixed with the characteristic magic of Disney characters and their films.

The second part is World Showcase, and represents the world around a lake. The area is divided into 11 thematic areas, each representing a country with everything typical of it, including its cuisine. The countries represented are: Italy, United States, Germany, Japan, France, China, United Kingdom, Morocco, Norway, Canada and Mexico.

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is a theme park where the perfect combination of nature, adrenaline and fun, making the visit a unique experience. It is one of the best known parks in Florida and also one of the most visited.

In the park they can be observed numerous species of aquatic animals and even interact with them and touch them. The visit allows you to closely observe animals such as dolphins, sharks, flamingos, barracudas and many other species. In addition, various shows such as those of killer whales and dolphins complete the entertainment offer.

In the park there are a large number of attractions and roller coasters, from the most extreme to those suitable for the whole family. It is advisable to bring a swimsuit, as some attractions are wet.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom is Disney's park linked to nature and animals, its inhabitants. It is a kind of safari in which it is possible to observe the animals in freedom, combined with beautiful landscapes inspired by the magic of Disney.

Among the main attractions we find The World of Avatar, linked to the hit film. It is a park that fascinates children and adults, and that allows you to combine fun with culture and knowledge.

Fun Spot America Orlando e Fun Spot America Kissimmee

These 2 twin parks, one in Orlando and one in Kissimmee, even if often not present in the lists of the best parks, their visit is very beautiful and interesting. In addition, they have free admission (you only pay for the individual attractions), and allow you to breathe and live there typical and beautiful atmosphere of American amusement parks.

Beside Fun Spot America Kissimmee is present Old Town, a fun area with free entry, linked to the American myth. This recreation of a typical Florida town is home to historic buildings, various fast food restaurants, arcades, and a house of terror. We organize them during the week various events free entertainment.

When to visit the parks

Any time of year is good to visit this magical vacation spot, located in the heart of Florida. With a warm climate all year round, Florida is also an excellent destination in the winter.

All of Orlando's amusement parks are open 365 days a year. Although for the visit of the water parks it is better to prefer the periods of spring, summer and autumn, when almost all the days are warm enough.

During the winter period somewhat cool days can happen, which do not create the optimal situation for spending a wet day between slides and pools.

In general, this is true for all parks, the advice of avoid visiting during high season, like the Christmas and New Year holidays, when the parks are quite crowded. And in general, if possible, prefer the opening periods of the schools, when the parks are less crowded.

How to get to the parks of Orlando

The easiest and most convenient way to get to Orlando's parks is by car. Each park at the entrance has a large car park. Car rental in Florida is quite cheap, as is fuel. Car rental allows for greater flexibility in timetables.

If you don't have a car, no problem. Various hotels and inns in Orlando and Kissimmee offer free shuttle bus leading to the main parks in the area. The use of shuttles is certainly the cheapest solution, but it involves being bound to the timetables of the shuttles, both to go to and to return from the parks.

Why go on vacation to Orlando

Who has never dreamed of visiting a place where many and various theme parks are the main tourist points? Maybe not everyone knows it, but that place exists and it is the city of Orlando in Florida. Known all over the world for its theme parks, Orlando is the amusement park capital of the world.

Orlando is the dream destination for all ages and for all people who let themselves be carried away, who seek the limit, who fear nothing and just want to have fun and experience magical moments. If you are looking for adventure and fun, do not hesitate, Orlando is the city of your dreams.

It is no coincidence that many of the most spectacular things in the world are located in the United States, specifically in the state of Florida. A vacation in this sunny American state will be one of the best experiences of your life.

The best amusement parks in Orlando: which ones to visit
The best amusement parks in Orlando
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