The best NYC bus tours

One of the best ways to visit New York is by bus. The best of New York is found in its streets, where you can breathe its vitality. Many have called the "Big Apple" the city that never sleeps, a statement that is more than apt. The city is on the move 24 hours a day and its streets are the absolute protagonists.

Having established that the best way to admire its long streets and tall skyscrapers is by bus, the question now is, but Which NYC bus tour is the best? There are so many, that at first glance it may seem really difficult which one to choose. We have chosen 5, the most thematic ones that best describe and represent the city.

New York City Night Tour

Seeing Manhattan at night is one of the best experiences you can have while visiting New York. The streets always have some electricity throughout the day, but at night the streets, places and bridges are spectacularly illuminated. The best way to admire its streets and spectacular skyscrapers is from the open top deck of a double-decker bus.

The tour includes the chance to see famous attractions, including Rockefeller Center, the lights of Radio City Music Hall, department store windows on 5th Avenue, and St. Patrick's Cathedral. From Times Square to Central Park, this tour showcases NYC's best at night.

The tour lasts approximately 2-3 hours

$ 42 ticket

Big Bus New York

The Big Bus is certainly one of the most chosen tours by tourists who want to visit the city in a short time. The classic bus tour allows an in-depth view of Manhattan.

You can choose to do 2 routes, one that touches the main attractions of the center and one more peripheral for those who also want to know the non-tourist New York. One of the conveniences of this tour is that you can get off the bus and get on from the stops near the main attractions.

The most famous stops of the central tower include the 11/5 Memorial and the High Line, Central Park, XNUMXth Avenue and the Apollo Theater in Harlem.
Il peripheral tour offers a chance to see New York's famous street life and some of the most symbolic sights such as the Financial District, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, and Chelsea.

The ticket is open and allows you to get on and off the bus during the validity period of the ticket which can be one day or two days.

Classic ticket valid for 1 day costs 60 dollars
Premium ticket valid for 2 days costs 70 dollars
2-day Deluxe ticket costs $ 90 and includes Harlem Tour, Brooklyn Tour, Night Tour and Sightseeing Cruise

The ride

The Ride offers a truly curious way to see New York. Bus seats are not facing forward like any normal bus, but facing the windows. In this way the window and also the roof of the glass bus become like a 180 ° screen on a New York that flows and proudly displays its beauties and symbolic places of power.

The tour retraces the most symbolic places and monuments of New York such as the Chrysler Building and Carnegie Hall. Furthermore, the peculiarity of this tour lies in the animation and entertainment on board associated with a guide who explains the various places and monuments.

The duration of the tour is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes

$ 35 tickets

Sex and the City Hotspots Tour

If you are a lover of the famous TV show Sex and the City, this might be the best tour you could choose. New York is an open-air movie set. There are hundreds of films shot on the streets of this iconic city. But maybe the scenes and places of Sex an The City are the ones that most people are connected to.

During the tour, which retraces the most symbolic places of the show, some curiosities about Sex and the City are revealed. The tour also includes stops to visit the places of the series such as shops, bars and restaurants internally. The tour ends with a drink at the bar that countered Steve and Aidan's bar from the series.

The duration of the entire tour is approximately 3 and a half hours.

$ 49 ticket

Open Loop di New York

For those who don't like to wait so much, this tour offers the possibility to use the phone to confirm where and when to get on the next bus. For each stop there is the possibility to know in advance the arrival of the next bus. You can choose between the upper floor for those who prefer to admire the skyscrapers and the lower floor for those who are more intrigued by its streets.

It is convenient transportation to take in attractions across Manhattan such as the Empire State Building, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, and the High Line. Hop-on and hop-off stops are also available in outlying neighborhoods such as West Village and East Village.

Audio guide available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French and Italian

Tickets are available for one, three or five days with unlimited use.

The best NYC bus tours
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