Flight + hotel deals in New York: the best organized travel packages

Are you looking for flight + hotel deals in New York? Do you want to make your life dream come true, but don't know how to book? Today booking a trip to New York is quite simple and affordable for everyone. There are hundreds of offers and proposals online, suitable for all tastes and budgets.

Before a trip to New York remained the dream of a lifetime for many Spaniards, today instead a trip to this gigantic metropolis very much it is often even cheaper than a holiday in some Spanish tourist destinations.

But what are the best offers? What are the best courses to book on? In this short guide we will give you useful tips to find the best rates and on which sites to book to receive assistance and guarantees.

Where to book

Our advice is to book a flight + hotel package for a trip to New York on the big and important portals for the sale of travel and holidays. In this way it is possible to have greater assistance and more adequate guarantees. Furthermore, the services offered are certainly better than other little-known portals.

If you are not very practical in organizing a trip or a vacation, it is better to prefer the purchase of organized travel packages. These packages are sold both by travel agencies and online. Some also include a guide in English or Spanish.

The purchase online allows you to save a lot of money, but it is good to inquire about the necessary documents, climatic situation, places to visit, how to move, and all the information that may be useful during the trip.

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How much does a flight + hotel package cost in New York?

The flight offers plus hotel in New York allow without spending much to make a trip overseas and visit one of the most eccentric cities in the world. The prices of a package flight + hotel in New York vary based on factors such as the time of travel, the length of the journey and the services included.

Anyway, as we will see below the prices are certainly not high or unreachable. Also, if you are traveling with 4 people, the rate per person will be even lower. The prices refer to a package with intermediate category hotel accommodation.

Low season rates

500 euros (flight + hotel for 5 nights)

650 euros (flight + hotel for 7 nights)

Mid season rates

600 euros (flight + hotel for 5 nights)

800 euros (flight + hotel for 7 nights)

High season rates

1000 euros (flight + hotel for 5 nights)

1200 euros (flight + hotel for 7 nights)

How to book

Booking a flight + hotel package in New York is quite simple, especially for those who have already shopped online. During the booking the departure and arrival airports (New York), the outward and return dates, passenger data (name, surname, date of birth), and credit, debit or prepaid card details will be requested to complete the purchase.

During the booking you can choose between various flight solutions and various hotel accommodations. Choose the flight according to the most convenient times, while for the hotel in New York the choice varies according to tastes and preferences. Check if the flight also includes baggage.

Before booking read the travel conditions carefully. Each proposal or site has different conditions.

Why take a trip to New York?

Why do over half of the Spaniards who travel to the United States choose New York as their destination? There are various reasons and reasons that push many Spaniards to prefer this gigantic metropolis, especially if it is their first trip to the USA.

Some of these reasons are:

  • it is certainly the most important and most represented destination in the USA ever, even in movies
  • it is easy to visit, you can move around easily by public transport and there is no need to rent a car
  • it doesn't take much time, even a 4-day trip is enough
  • there are many direct flights from Spain
  • in a single trip you can see many incredible and famous attractions such as: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Time Square, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, ...

When to go to New York

The best time to visit New York is in summer when most days are nice and warm, but it is also the high season, with higher prices, especially for hotel rates and flights.

Also the spring andautunno they are a good time to visit the city, there are many beautiful days and the climate is mild. The advantage of choosing these 2 seasons is to be able to find lower prices and fewer lines at the entrance of the attractions.

THEwinter it is the least favorable period because it is cold and the weather is not always beautiful, common is the cheapest time to make a trip to New York. However, with the exception of the festive period of Christmas and New Year when it is very high season and prices are only high.


Among the most important places to visit, undoubtedly we find the Statue of Liberty. Located on an islet off the coast of New York, the Statue of Liberty is undoubtedly the symbol of New York City.

If you are short on time you can use the free ferries to Staten Island, which allow you to admire the Statue of Liberty up close, but also to see the unique skyline of the city of New York.

In general advice however is of let yourself be carried away by the essence of this city, visiting its monuments, immersing yourself in its history and getting to know a completely fantastic city.

Flight + hotel deals in New York: the best organized travel packages
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