How much does a trip to New York cost?

What are the expenses to be incurred and how much does a trip cost in total to New York? that's all what to know and advice to make one of the most beautiful trips of your life.

Expenses for a New York vacation vary greatly by various factors:

  • as soon as you book,
  • from travel needs
  • and especially from the time of the trip.

The periods of high season in New York such as Christmas, New Year or midsummer are the most expensive, while the lowest prices can be found in the winter months, which represent the low season in New York, especially if you are traveling in the months of January and February.

Expenses and costs for a trip to New York

How do you calculate the total expense to be incurred for a trip to New York? To get an idea of ​​the necessary budget to see one of the most extraordinary metropolises in the world it is necessary to put together all the necessary costs and expenses.

Among necessary expenses and costs to make a trip or a vacation to New York we find: air travel, hotel, travel insurance, travel documents (passport, ESTA or visa), food expenses, travel expenses and attraction ticket costs.

How much does a flight to New York cost?

With the entry of the low cost flights in the sector of overseas flights, air fares have become very varied, not only according to the period, but also by how soon you book.

If you are looking for the best rates, the advice is to start researching as soon as possible. This way you will have a better chance of finding an Error Fare or simply some flights on offer.

Many times the flights with the lowest prices they include only one piece of hand luggage and meals on board are not included.

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Cost of airfare to New York

Here are some examples of airfares for flying from Spain to New York

  • Error Fare (price errors): 150-300 euros
  • Low cost airlines minimum price: 200-300 euros
  • Minimum price with scheduled companies: 300-400 euros
  • Average price with scheduled companies: 500-600 euros
  • Maximum price with scheduled companies: 800-1000 euros

How much does it cost to sleep in New York

Sleeping in New York is certainly not cheap, especially if you want to sleeping in Manhattan, the center of the city. For a double room in Manhattan you have to put at least a budget 100 euros per night, that is 50 euros per person.

In low season you can also find rooms for 60-80 euros per night, while in high season the minimum cost is 200 euros.

Sleeping outside of Manhattan, in neighborhoods like Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island, it costs less. You can find double rooms for less than 100 euros, but as we wrote and recommended in the article Where to sleep in New York, choosing these areas is not convenient. The convenience could only be found in peak seasons, such as New Year's Eve, when in Manhattan the rates for a double room range from 300 euros upwards.

Prezzi hotel a Manhattan – New York*
Type Low season Mid-season High season
Cheap hotels 50-80 euro 80-150 euro > 150 euros
Mid-range hotel 80-150 euro 150-250 euro > 250 euros
luxury hotel > 150 euros > 250 euros > 350 euros


* The prices in the table refer to the average prices per double room per night, based on the periods of the year. Therefore, for the price per person you have to divide the figure in half. If you take triple or quadruple rooms the price per person will be lower and more convenient.

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How much is insurance?

The cost oftravel insurance for the USA it varies according to the duration of the trip, the age of the traveler and the chosen insurance company.

If you travel as a couple you save slightly, while if you remove the excess the price increases. The price also varies according to the services that are added to the basic insurance.

Usually to visit New York it takes 4 to 7 days.

We can summarize that for a 4-day trip, the minimum cost for insurance it is 30 euros, while for a 7-day trip with all services included the maximum cost is from 100 euro.

Transportation costs

The cost of getting to New York from the airport and vice versa must be included in the transport costs, as well as the cost for public transport.

The cost of round trip from airports New Yorkers range from $ 10 to $ 50 per person, depending on whether you use the Air Train and the subway, or private transportation companies or taxis.

The cost ofseason ticket for public transport (metro and bus) is 32 dollars for a week. Very affordable even if you spend fewer days in New York.

Document expenses

The documents required to enter the United States are the passport electronic, with residual validity of at least 6 months and theESTA. The cost of the passport, if you do not have it, is around 100 euros while for the ESTA it is 14 dollars, around 12 euros.

Expenses for eating

The daily budget for eating varies according to needs and preferences. A person who eats in fast food restaurants will spend a maximum of 25-30 euros per day, including breakfast.

If, on the other hand, you prefer the restaurant, the figure increases, you would need at least 60-70 euros per day. A figure that would rise even more if one opted for luxury restaurants, where the expense goes beyond 100 euros per day.

However, in principle for breakfast in a bar or hotel, lunch in fast food and dinner in a restaurant they serve approx 40-50 euros per person per day.

Cost of attraction tickets

Tickets for New York attractions are quite expensive. To save money, it is advisable to buy a pass or a tourist card. These include admission to multiple attractions and their price varies based on the duration and number of attractions included.

SightSeeing Pass - $ 129 for 1 day to $ 399 for 10 days including over 90 attractions

New York CityPASS - $ 126 with 6 attractions

The New York Pass - $ 127 for 1 day to $ 419 for 10 days including over 80 attractions

C3 - $ 82 with 3 attractions

SightSeeing Flex Pass - from $ 64 with 2 attractions to $ 249 with 12 attractions

New York Explorer Pass - from $ 89 for 3 attractions to a maximum of $ 219 for 11 attractions


Here are some examples of the total cost of the trip to New York based on the duration and the typical preferences or needs of the traveler.

For a trip low cost in New York lasting 4 days it takes about 600-800 euros

For a standard trip in mid-season lasting 5 days, 800-1000 euros are needed

For a honeymoon in New York lasting 6 days, 1500-2000 euros are needed

For a luxury travel in high season lasting 7 days you need at least 3000 euros

How much does a trip to New York cost?
How much does a trip to New York cost -


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