Information and advice on bus travel in the United States

Traveling by bus in the United States is one of the best ways to discover the scenic beauty of the American continent. Even if the car is undoubtedly the most chosen mode because it allows you to have flexibility on timetables and itineraries, buses are also a good alternative to discover the States.

Bus trips to the USA can be made either with organized tours or by individually booking the various trips. Either way the bus is a green, social alternative, but it is also the least expensive way to see the whole country. With lots of paved roads and motorways in perfect condition, the bus ride will be a pleasant and relaxing choice to take in the scenic beauty of the various states.

The bus tours of the United States are packages already pre-packaged by the various travel agencies that include, in addition to transport by ultra-modern buses with all the comforts, also hotel accommodation and in some cases even the entrance to the various attractions. This choice is a favorite of newlyweds who choose America for their honeymoon. In this way you can visit various places, receiving complete assistance and with everything already organized.


Here are some tips for those who will make DIY trips organized personally.

- Documents
Before boarding the bus, you must have a valid identity document to show together with your travel ticket. For Spaniards the only valid document is the passport.

- Which ticket to choose?
If you are not 100% sure if you will be able to catch a particular bus or if your plans are likely to change, it is advisable to purchase refundable or cancellable tickets. Bus tickets in the United States are date and time specific, and the travel itinerary usually cannot be changed. Before booking, carefully check the contractual conditions of transport, especially if there is the possibility to change the time and date of your ticket, or the travel itinerary.

- When to get to the bus station?
It is advisable to arrive at the bus station or departure point at least 1 hour before. You will board the bus in order of arrival. It may happen that some transport companies sell more tickets than available seats (overbooking). Therefore, it is advisable not only to arrive earlier, but also to reserve a seat, if it is available during the booking.

- Luggage
Normally each ticket includes a maximum bag of 50 kg. If you have larger luggage please inquire with the transport company in advance.

- Should the ticket be printed?
Many of the US transportation companies only accept printed tickets. But not all of them, some allow you to give only the name of the reservation or to show the ticket on your smartphone. Inquire before buying the ticket, especially if you do not have the possibility to print it.

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