How to fly a drone by respecting the rules

How to fly a drone by respecting the rules
  1. So if my drone weighs less than 250 gr I don't need a license? That's right, technically you don't need a license, but you will still need to be recognized by ENAC as a pilot and have your drone recognized too.
  2. How much does a drone weigh? Our drone for example is a DJI Mavic Pro and weighs around 730 gr. The DJI Mavic Air for example weighs 570 g and is therefore in the same class as the DJI Spark. The only one that is under 250 gr is the DJI Mini. The big brothers almost always remain in the same class: The DJI Phantom 4 Pro weighs 1.4 kg and even if you want to fly an Inspire 2 you are within 4 kg (weighs just over 3.4 kg).

Consequently in most cases you will need the license for Multicopters between 250g and 25kg.

Theoretical exam

APR Pilot LogBook

LogBook Drone

Insurance coupon

Like all vehicles, which can cause damage to things or people (despite all the precautions), you are obliged to have insurance for the drone, and there are limits to be respected, my advice is to contact an insurance company specialized in sector. We did it with CABI, the cost is 265€ per year for a Mavic Pro.

In addition to these documents, you will have to submit a list of manuals to have your drone recognized: flight manual, operations manual, maintenance manual, risk analysis document, test report of the experimental activity, on-board technical log, mission risk analysis module, pre-flight checklist. All these manuals should theoretically be written by you, but you can ask your training center if they offer the service of editing them for you and carrying out the necessary procedures with ENAC (normally the cost is around 100€ and frankly we recommend it!).

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