Cinque Terre weekend useful tips

Cinque Terre weekend useful tips

Places to visit in the Cinque Terre?

First Day

We drove to Monterosso al Mare in 6 (3 couples of old friends); we parked in the parking which is located on the seafront before the restricted traffic area.

Parking cost us € 36 for 3 days of parking; but it is definitely a good service because otherwise you have to leave the car very far from the country.

If you want, taxis leave from the parking lot to carry your luggage, but at a good pace we walked the distance from the parking lot to our apartment which was 10 minutes on foot from the parking lot.

We stayed in a hotel booked on the web, which is located in the old part of the town, so it is really very quiet, and I add that in every room there was also a nice TV.

Cost about € 35 per person per night.

After unloading the luggage we took a walk around the town; after which we prepared dinner in our apartment with what we had brought from home.

Cinque Terre travelogue

Cinque Terre weekend useful tips

Second day

On Sunday morning we woke up around 7,00, we had breakfast and we got ready for the walk along the paths of the 5 Terre.

We went to the train station, where the Park office is located 5 Terre Card (cost € 5,40 for one day per person) which allows you to go along the paths of the 5 Terre Park for the whole day (at the beginning of the path from each village there is a ticket control) and allows you unlimited travel on trains between Levanto and La Spezia and the use of bus services between the various countries throughout the day.

It is a great service which also contributes to the maintenance of the trails which are gorgeous. We took the train from Monterosso to get off at Riomaggiore, the weather was cloudy but it was very good.

We started our beautiful walk along the path n ° 2 that leads from Riomaggiore to Monterosso, it takes 5 hours of walking (it is 9 KM) but quite simple with many refreshment areas and with points from where it is possible to have a fantastic view, unique in the world.

We stopped to eat at Vernazza , to sit on the quay of the marina.

Around 11,00 a beautiful sun came out and never left us. The weather was beautiful and the walk too, with magnificent views; to each village we made our beautiful visit and many beautiful photos with our camera and digital video camera.

Cinque Terre weekend useful tips

Vi I recommend to do it from Riomaggiore towards Monterroso, because the stretch from Vernazza to Monterosso is a bit more demanding and doing it first in my opinion is not very advantageous.

Once in Monterosso we refreshed ourselves in a bar in the main square, after which we took the train back to Riomaggiore, as we hadn't visited it in the morning to start walking immediately.

Here we bought some bottles of 5 Terre wine which are very good.

So we resumed the trip to return to Monterosso to take a nice shower.

After we prepared dinner and finally went to bed, the tiredness of the walk was felt.

The 5 Instagrammable places of the Cinque Terre

Here is a video that shows the charm of this corner of paradise, a paradise that really exists!

Third day

Woke up around 7,30, had a nice breakfast and packed our bags, we paid and said goodbye to our tenant, a fantastic person and we took our bags to the car.

Departed around 11 we went to Portovenere which is about an hour from Monterosso al Mare.

Parked the car in the parking lots at the top before hilly towards the sea, we took the bus and arrived in the village, we fixed a table at a restaurant for 14 pm.

Cinque Terre weekend useful tips

Did a tour of the marina we went to eat and we had a good feast of fish. We returned to the marina, we went to the church on the promontory and then towards castle above from where it is possible to have a breathtaking view: both towards the sea and towards La Spezia and Lerici.

Around 16,30 pm we returned to the car and walked home, returning to our city.

I recommend everyone to take a trip to these magnificent places, especially those who want to take advantage of the trails I recommend not doing them in the middle of summer because the heat I think is very strong, while the spring and the September climate are really ideal.

So, three days were magnificent and full of emotions that only a landscape like that of Cinque Terre can give.

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Cinque Terre weekend useful tips

Cinque Terre weekend useful tips

Cinque Terre weekend useful tips

Cinque Terre weekend useful tips

Cinque Terre weekend useful tips

Cinque Terre weekend useful tips

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