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Merano places of interest

La town of Merano it was also baptized as the little Vienna of Spain and is well known throughout Europe for the spa, the Christmas markets and for his climate mild all year round.

Let's find out together what to see and what are the main places of interest in Merano:

Merano Historic Center

Il historic center of Merano is located north of the Passirio stream and hosts many construction ed buildings historians of considerable interest.

The main feature of this beautiful Old Town (also kept in perfect condition) are i arcades of Merano of, precisely Via dei Portici, which are the longest in Trentino Alto Adige and Tyrol.

Merano night clubs and discos

Recall that the historic center of Merano it is bordered by three city gates (in the past there were 4) and we recommend that you visit the Cathedral of San Nicolò in addition to the beautiful and features life e squares.

Castles Merano

La city ​​of Merano home castles e forts beautiful that have a great historical value and are:

  • Castel San Zeno: this fortress is located on a granite rock in the upper part of Merano and was built in Roman times.
  • Princely Castle: it was the residence of the princes of Tyrol when Merano was, in fact, the capital of Tyrol.
  • Rubien Castle: this beautiful XNUMXth century castle is located in Maia Alta, the most elegant district of Merano.

Trauttmansdorff Castle Merano

Il Trauttmansdorff Castle it is the oldest example of a neo-Gothic fortress in Tyrol and dates back to 1300.

At the time this splendid castle also known as the castle of Princess Sissi was, in fact, the winter stay of theEmpress Elisabeth of Austria.

The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle Merano

I Giardini del Castello di Trauttmandorff also known as the Sissi gardens, they extend over an area of ​​about 12 hectares and host a sort of natural amphitheater with Mediterranean and exotic landscapes.

Inside you can admire beyond 80 botanical environments where they bloom plants from all over the world, a palm beach similar to that of the Caribbean, an immense aviary and 2 viewing platforms.

Merano 2000

Merano 2000 it's a hiking and skiing area reachable from the city through the largest cable car in South Tyrol which in just 7 minutes will take you to the splendid Merano Terrace.

Merano where to eat well and spend little

Here everyone can have fun immersed in nature both in summer and in winter and can enjoy many attractions e food and wine tours of sure interest.

More things to see in Merano I'm:

  • The Powder Tower: it is an ancient tower about 28 meters high and is used as a viewing platform.
  • Touriseum: it is located inside the castle of Trauttmansdorff Castle and is the first alpine museum dedicated to the history of tourism.
  • Rione Steinach: it is an ancient medieval district that is very beautiful to admire.
  • Passirio River: this stream through Merano and along the banks you can admire old bridges, historic buildings and the famous promenades of Merano.

We remember that Merano it is also very famous for its beautiful walks like that of La foyer and passeggiata Tappeiner that will offer you moments of Relaxing e incredible views over the Val d'Adige.

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Merano pictures and photos

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