Bao House, Taiwan's street food in Città Studi

There is no doubt, in Milan it is right street food mania! After food trucks, the new Milanese trend is that of bistros / restaurants offering street food and the offer ranges from regional Italian street food to ethnic ones, where Asian cuisine takes the lion's share.

It is precisely in this vein that it fits Bao House, A new Taiwanese street food bistro in the Città Studi area. Bao House is located in Via Plinio, a few steps from Bar Basso, a street in Milan which, after years of inactivity, is experiencing a sort of "rebirth" thanks to the opening of restaurants such as Marghe and Bao House itself.

Upon entering you find yourself in a small, essential but well-kept environment. There are 5/6 tables and the counter that can accommodate 2/4 people. The service is fast and attentive, perfect for an easy lunch or dinner without too many frills.

Bao House, Taiwan's street food in Città Studi

Ph. Daniela Delli

What are we eating

In the kitchen there is Grace, the founder of the Bao House, Taiwanese by birth and Italian by adoption and, as the name suggests, the house specialty is the famous Baozi. Also called bao or bau, they are steamed sandwiches filled with minced meat and / or vegetables. In Asian culture, they can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The Chinese, for example, love to eat them for breakfast, buying them from street vendors and taking them with them in handy plastic bags. At Bao House you can try 4 different types of Bao: the Bao Taiwanese classic with braised pork belly, mustard cabbage, peanuts and coriander (the must !!), the Bao with roast duck sautéed with spring onions and sweet and sour sauce, the Bao Burger with marinated and fried chicken breast, fermented tofu sauce and salad, but there is also the vegetarian version with mixed mushrooms sautéed with onion and teriyaki sauce.

In addition to the Bao the menu also offers five appetizers and other dishes based on noodles (dry or in broth), rice o ravioli. Among the starters I absolutely recommend the chicken popcorn and the tofu noodles. Also excellent are the homemade ravioli stuffed with pork and vegetables (I would have eaten 20!), The noodles with pork stew and braised egg, the "Three glasses" chicken with white rice and chicken sauteed with sesame oil, soy sauce and rice sake, and the riso Rou Zao Fan, white rice with pork stew and braised egg. A real explosion of flavors made in Taiwan!

Bao House, Taiwan's street food in Città Studi

Bao House, Taiwan's street food in Città Studi

How much do you spend?

At the Bao House you spend little. The starters are about 3-4 euros (only the chicken costs 5), the Bao about 5-6 euros, the rice and noodles between 4 and 8 euros. An average of 10-12 euros is spent for a lunch. To drink you will find water and soft drinks, tea and classic and craft beers.


Bao House

Via Plinio 37

Tel. 320 8813655

Orari: 12–14:30 e 18:30–23:00

Open every day


Cover photo by Daniela Delli

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