Albergo Diffuso La Loggia Relais, in the footsteps of Paolo and Francesca

    "Galeotto was the book and who wrote it .." says the Dante's step in which the two lovers Paolo and Francesca crown their illegal love that led them to death. A tale as romantic as it is tragic that has become famous all over the world, thanks to the verses written by Dante. To frame the tragic story, there was il Gradara Castle, a splendid medieval village, between the Romagna coast and the Marche hinterland, in a hilly area crowned by an extraordinary nature.

    Even today the Gradara Castle has battlements, towers, ancient walkways, all enclosed by circular walls and accessible through the monumental entrance door. Gradara is the castle that one imagined as a child, exactly like those described in fairy tales. Now inside it is possible to continue the story and become protagonists, thanks to theWidespread hotel La Loggia Relais, which offers six different rooms, all located within the walls, in strategic positions to enjoy exciting views of the ancient fortress. The rooms are named according to the view they have and their arrangement, we have this: the tower room, located along the east bastion of the castle, the room in the square, the Paolo and Francesca room, oriented towards the main entrance door, the rooms to the church, the fortress, the clock.

    - internal ambients they are ultra modern, with every kind of comfort and luxury, from chromotherapy showers to design furnishings, everything is designed to welcome guests in a very special atmosphere where ancient materials are proposed in new forms to guarantee the guest the maximum travel experience, both in space and time, but above all in travel emotional interior.

    An ultra-modern concept to accompany guests on the journey of history, La Loggia Relais is a complex and intriguing project, ainnovative variant compared to the philosophy of all the other popular hotels.

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