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For this Christmas Giancarlo and I have decided to give ourselves a holiday in Valencia.

In fact, it was a while that we wanted to take little Matteo to visit the oceanographic of this city which they say is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Christmas in Valencia useful tips and information

As usual we relied on the purchase of airline tickets at rayan air and found ourselves very well: 3 return tickets from Bergamo to Valencia they cost us almost 300 euros, not much considering that it was the Christmas week.

As far as hotel accommodation is concerned, traveling with a child of about 3 we opted for the rental of an apartment and we found one in the city center which cost us 300 euros for the whole week.

We left Bergamo on the morning of 21 December, the flight to Valencia left and landed on time, as soon as we arrived we immediately rushed to the tourist information point which is located right inside the airport.

Here a very kind employee gave us all the necessary information to spend a pleasant holiday we have also purchased the Valencia card daily ticket (8 euros) with which it is possible to have various discounts on the various entrance tickets, although everyone advised us to take the subway which starts right from the airport we preferred to take a taxi to Valencia they are notoriously very cheap and in fact our taxi cost us 17 euros to our apartment.

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Valencia what to see and places to visit

In Valencia during the Christmas period you can attend different circus shows, we counted at least 5 located in various strategic points of the city and our visit began with the purchase of tickets for the most characteristic one in Plaza de Toros right inside the arena, the little one was delighted especially in seeing the Aladdin's fantasy which he liked so much, outside the arena there is a well-stocked grocery store that sells sweets at reasonable prices. We highly recommend it.

The next day we dedicated it entirely to visiting the oceanographic, at home we had consulted the site several times and in the end we bought a combined ticket for the oceanographic and the hemispheric (25 euros) excluding the city of science as not suitable in our opinion to such a small child.

THEoceanographic is the flagship of Valencia it is really very big and beautiful, the visit started from the hemispheric which is nothing more than a three-dimensional cinema, at the ticket office you have to choose the show and the time you want to see no one but in Italian we opted for the dinosaurs in spanish and we liked it a lot, we went out of there we went to eat.

In the afternoon visit to the oceanographic which is amazing, with entire pavilions dedicated to the various marine habitats, we even witnessed the spectacle of Dolphins, having seen the tub of sharks of the Penguins and seals.

In the evening we took advantage of the proximity of the shopping center to dedicate ourselves to Christmas shopping.

The following day we visited the city center with Town Hall Square where a crib, Queen's Square, the cathedral (really very beautiful), the Lonia(UNESCO heritage) and the central market (really unmissable especially during the holidays), for lunch we followed the directions of our faithful routard and we went fresh where a complete menu cost us about 8 euros per person.

We got to the Christmas Eve, today we will visit the art museum Pio 6, they say it is really beautiful and in fact it is really worth a visit, this is the only museum that we allowed ourselves to visit despite the fact that there are several in the city, after visiting the museum we visited the royal gardens that it has at its inside the beautiful aviaries and then a nice walk up to turia.

Where to go for Christmas

La turia it is really very beautiful, you meet many people walking and jogging, you can also admire the famous bridges of Valencia from the historical ones up to the more modern ones.

Our destination is the famous Gulliver gardens, a very unique free playground, Matteo is exhausted after a couple of hours and we all go home where everything is ready to celebrate Christmas all together.

It has finally come Christmas, after having smashed the gifts with the little one, we head to the Malvarossa which is the Valencia beach, it's a beautiful day and many like us, despite being a party, have taken the opportunity to enjoy this sunny day.

We return home by taxi because after a certain time the buses do not go paying for the ride on Christmas night only 6 euros (in spite of our holiday and night supplements).

For travel to Valencia we purchased a bus voucher at a cost of 5,60 valid for 10 rides, it is very convenient because it can be used even by more people, obviously you have to stamp it several times, even the taxi is very convenient.

The last day was to be intended for the visit of the bio Park but then due to bad weather we opted for a tour downtown and to make the last purchases.

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