A Slice of Polenta per palace, curiosity in Turin

    More than a low cost advice, this is one gem not to be missed in the city of Torino. A curious and funny story that is worth knowing and then seeing live once you arrive in the city.

    This house, also called Slice of Polenta due to its strange dimensions it is located at number 9 in via Giulia di Barolo, between corso San Maurizio and via Giulia di Barolo in fact. The official name of this building is Casa Scaccabarozzi which comes from the surname of Alessandro Antonelli's wife, among other things, designer of the Mole Antonelliana, who lived there for a few years when no one wanted to live there because of a particular size, so much so that everyone was afraid that it would collapse.

    The structure was built more than for a bet and the ownership of the building passed from owner to owner with residential purpose, today instead the Slice of Polenta has become a house-gallery.

    I USEFULL: 9 floors for 24 meters high, the total 16 meters between one course and another, in short, a really strange but interesting structure. Unfortunately the photo does not make it and to understand the strangeness of this place you must absolutely go and see it for yourself. You'll get one good laugh :)

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