Leave your phone at the entrance and get 5% discount on dinner

    The topic is hot and not everyone will agree with the owner of theEva Restaurant in Los Angeles, on the other hand, someone will very much appreciate this initiative and are already wondering how long we will have to wait to see it also in Europe.

    A local owner in Los Angeles decided to do a 5% discount on the dinner of the people who voluntarily decide to enter the restaurant do not bring the phone or smartphone with you. The idea is definitely valid for me and I believe that if there were, I would take advantage of it. It must be said that i already do a similar thing macrobiotic restaurants, for those who have never attended one, even if they do not offer discounts, but warmly invite you to turn off the phone so as not to disturb yourself and others during this important moment which is lunch.

    Having said that, are the first considerations quite easy? How many times have we spent a lunch or one dinner with our smartphone without speaking almost a word to the other people at the table with us? Or even worse, how many times have we used the phone as an excuse to escape from unpleasant conversations or because we are bored by the company of our diners. You want or don't want the phone is the first thing we take when we sit at the table and like it or not this impoverishes us and other people, both for the dialogue and then the human relationship, and because the noise of the keys and the ringer is sometimes unnerving. Our stomach could thank, as well as our table friends or neighbors.

    I tell you the truth, if there was I would take advantage of it to disconnect a bit from all this connectivity at least during the lunch break and you? Do you already know someone who has done it? Why don't you tell us? But most of all, What do you think about it?

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