5 places to have fun in Catania

5 places to have fun in Catania

One of the things I love most about Catania is that you can live it 24 hours a day.
She wakes up slowly, lying as she is at the foot of Etna, embraced by the sea and, hour after hour, she lets herself be discovered in every corner, through the colors of her people and the places that most characterize her. Catania has a thousand colors, which pass through the fish market, wind through the streets of the historic center, up to the most elegant districts. It is after sunset, however, that the real nightlife begins and choosing a place to have fun and spend a nice evening is not easy. The fact is, you are really spoiled for choice. If there is one thing that is not lacking in my city it is i places to meet with friends, have a chat, listening to good music or let yourself be carried away by the dance and go wild on the dance floor.

Here is my selection of my five favorite places:

Old City

A stone's throw from via Etnea and via Umberto, in the historic center, you will find Old Town, a simple and quiet place, where you can spend a pre evening or a post dinner after having tasted the excellent dishes offered by the various places arranged on the Catania “street Food” on vico Santa Filomena. The owners are two brothers, Enzo and Michele, whose kindness and hospitality are the backdrop to a relaxed and serene atmosphere.


In the most elegant area of ​​the city, on Corso Italia, you will find Bonù, an appreciated one meeting place for an aperitif: a quality buffet, accompanied by a good wine list. The atmosphere is jovial and refined. The restaurant is also a vintage store, where you can find original pieces of design, fashion and furniture.

General Markets

To reach the General Markets you have to move a little away from the center and reach the southern area of ​​Catania, in Contrada Jungetto. Here you can let loose and appreciate good music, in fact the General Markets boast important partnerships and collaborations with many of the main players in European music production and promotion.

Centro Zo

If for dance you want to stay in the downtown area, I recommend the Centro Zo. The headquarters of Cultural Center Zo it is a former sulfur refinery which is part of a set of industrial buildings dating back to the last century, which have been redeveloped for some years and destined for other uses. Zo is also a cafeteria / restaurant, so it also offers the opportunity to dine as well as enjoy an excellent drink.

Agora Hostel

For us from Catania it is the Hostel.
It is located in a small square adjacent to the Pescheria, the very central district where the folkloric fish market of Catania is repeated every morning. Behind the Cathedral and the famous "Liotru", the elephant symbol of the city. It is a real hostel, a destination for Erasmus tourists and a favorite place for young people.
Open 24 hours a day, it offers a jovial and cheerful atmosphere. Here you can eat and drink, while also listening to good live music.
La underground cellar it offers an intimate and welcoming place to dine, thanks to the fact that it is built in a natural lava cave, crossed by the waters of the Amenano river. Monday is a meeting place par excellence and so many people pour into its square that it becomes impossible even to move between the tables.

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