White week Piedmont Alpe Devero information and useful advice

THEAlpe Devero is located at the far north of the Piedmont region, borders on the Switzerland, is placed inside the Veglia-Devero Park, in the province of Verbania-Cusio-Ossola.

Located in the province of Verbania in the vast area of Valleys of Ossola,Alpe Dèvero is a large basin of glacial origin at the foot of a majestic circle of mountains, part of the Alpe Veglia and Alpe Dèvero Regional Natural Park.

The beauty of an almost untouched scenery makes a fine week or a white week (in winter) immersion in this nature, referring to simple but comfortable accommodation facilities.

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Advice on where to stay

We slept at the "Castiglioni Refuge"(Tel. 0324619126) which offers half board for about € 30.

As slightly more comfortable alternatives, we recommend: Sull'Alpe, "Alpine Inn"(Tel. 0324619113) and"Locanda Fattorini” (tel. 0324619177).
While in Crampiolo, we suggest the "Locanda Punta Pizzi"(Tel. 0324619108) and the"Hotel La Baita” (tel. 0324619190).

Excursions and itineraries

We had a craving to visit a beautiful place like this and spend an unforgettable white week, even if it wasn't mountaineers or skilled skiers, but we have not been penalized for this, since there are many possibilities of itineraries hikers of great satisfaction ranging from a couple of hours' walk to large full-day crossings, ranging from black descents to much softer ones.

Where to go for Christmas

The most classic excursion is the tour of Lake Dèvero or Codelago.

The complete tour requires a walk with moderate ups and downs of a couple of hours and we choose to do it clockwise to enjoy the comfort of the sun, which emerged a few minutes ago from the opposite ridge illuminating the western shore.

The scenery is very suggestive, with the dense larch woods, the imposing peaks all around, the characteristic islet that stands out in the lake, the bundled fishermen stationed on the shore, so as to recall, without exaggeration, a Scandinavian or Canadian landscape.

Having more days and planning a nice crossing with another overnight stay in a refuge, for example at Margaroli sui shore of Lake Vannino, there are several possibilities to combine the numerous paths, for example by going as far as pass of Scatta Minoia (2600 m) and then cross the hill on the Val Formazza and get off at one of the hamlets of the homonymous municipality, such as Valdo o Change.

In this case it will be advisable to arrange another car at the point of arrival or to inquire about the timetables of public transport.

Alpe Devero ski lifts and slopes

Area: Ossola Valleys

Altitude of the ski slopes: 1640 - 2212 meters

Ski season: December / April

Thanks to its favorable exposure it is possible to see, as early as November, the first snow that is present until month of apriland: for this very reason it represents the destination of all those who practice both cross-country skiing and ski mountaineering.

The ski slopes of Alpe Devero they are also suitable for those who put their skis on for the first time and are present everywhere on the plain, where it is also possible to rent complete equipment.

For those who want something more challenging, from this year the new route is available that from Alpe Devero climbs from the "Vallaro" to reach Crampiolo and then the Devero lake.

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Le cross-country ski trails they mainly consist of three rings also suitable for beginner cross-country skiers; while for those who practice ski mountaineering, Alpe Devero offers the possibility of excursions at the highest level.

There are four ski lifts in total and reach Monte Cazzola from which the medium difficulty downhill slopes and an interesting off-piste area that can be practiced in complete safety wind.

Alpe Devero places to visit

If you want to complete your holiday beyond the hiking aspect, you can choose from a number of other attractions in the surrounding area.

For example it is interesting, I went back down to Goglio, a short tour of the village to observe how often traditional houses have been built leaning on large boulders; similarly the Baceno church, whose beautiful Romanesque interior reveals a large use of local stone, was built following the slope of a rocky slab.

It is also worth going along the mule track that leads from Premia to the village of Salecchio, which has numerous well-preserved Walser houses.

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Christmas in Piedmont ideas and suggestions

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Photo gallery Alpe Devero

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