Seychelles holidays tips and information

Seychelles or Seychelles (Seiscell) holidays advice and information

The trip to the Seyscelles was a "do it yourself" trip to avoid finding ourselves stuck in a prepackaged package that gives a distorted view of the country

We like to be in contact with people, to really live among them to visit a country.

  • Holidays in the Seychelles guide and useful tips
  • Seychelles what to see, places to visit and excursions
  • Seychelles most beautiful beaches
  • Seychelles when to go and where to eat
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Holidays in the Seychelles guide and useful tips

We book the flight from our faithful site at a really great price and we arrive at Praslin after a short flight from Mahe where a driver in livery and white gloves awaits us and takes us to our hotel.

Not even the time to unload the suitcases that we are already looking for where to rent a car (high cost compared to many other places, you don't even go down with "furious" bargaining "under € 50 per day) Blue Suzuki, drive on the left, but we are experts , map in hand with the various stages already marked and related notes.

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Seychelles what to see, places to visit and excursions

We arrive at Anse Lazio around 13.00 the tide has already covered most of the beach (beware of the tides that literally make all beaches disappear at certain times of the day!)

We turn the whole island under an insistent drizzle and in fact it always rains around January-February.

When you will be ad Anse Lazio, after reaching the highest vantage point on the island, I then recommend that you visit the Valley of the Mai.

The entrance ticket to the park, expensive, like everything, but the tour in the forest pays us back and makes us forget the shopping.

I take pictures as much as I can and fill my eyes with every possible green.

Finally the sun is the real one, we dedicate the day to getting lazy in the sun, after buying food at a local grocery store (cost 4 euros) we take refuge in an isolated beach shaded by tall trees and large granite boulders and we don't see anyone all day long.

For the next day there is great trepidation, we go to The dam.

The crossing was an adventure, waves 3-4 meters high, we were outdoors and we “suffered” many unexpected showers.

The sea a La Digue it is unique, the unrepeatable beaches, the stunning views, then we were lucky enough to arrive with the first ferry (better to book the day before) and therefore we were almost alone to discover the most "advertised" corners of the island.

After We go to see Anse Source d'Argent where there are lots of turtles.

Although it is small to go from one side of the island to the other you have to make a considerable climb but the surrounding landscape repays the breathlessness and abundant sweat.

Here the sea is raging and violent, you can't swim, we eat very well on the beach beach.

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The return we do it for another path, we find ourselves in a lonely corner and we play with a child who has approached.

The return at sunset is beautiful even though the sea is still rough.

If I return at Seychelles I would certainly decide to stay a few days on this island, as there is a very particular atmosphere that fascinates.

We leave for Mahe that on the "paper" I had not considered much and instead, surprise surprise it turned out to be a beautiful island.

We toured it far and wide, discovering even the most remote beaches (thanks to the notes and suggestions of other intelligent travelers), we went up (800m above sea level) along a wonderful mountain road (what hairpin bends !!) among tropical trees, tea and lemongrass plantations, we shopped in neat shops and played with the children on the white and deserted beaches.

We never met people on the beaches we visited, they were all locked up in villages or hotels.

I recommend you visit again:

  • Coco de mer
  • Turtle Reserve (Curieuse Island)
  • La Passe village
  • Carefree Path
  • Morne National Park
  • Tea factory
  • Danzil
  • Anse Major
  • Victoria

Seychelles most beautiful beaches

Le most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles you will find them among Praslin, La Digue e Mahe and I assure you that you will be nothing short of enchanted and they are:

  • Anse Georgette
  • Anse Lazio
  • Little Anse
  • Anse Source d'Argent
  • Bay of St. Josè
  • Anse Severe
  • Anse Cocò -
  • Anse Volbert
  • big anse
  • Anse Major
  • Anse soleil
  • Beau vallon

Seychelles when to go and where to eat

Thanks to its proximity to the Equator, the Seychelles they can be visited all year round and temperatures are always around 30 °.

The rainy period runs from December to February and the rains manifest themselves as short showers.

There are many restaurants and they are almost all by the sea and the ones I can recommend are: Restaurant Maria’s Rock, Ristorante Bon Bon Pen, Ristorante Anse Soleil Cafe and the Restaurant At Batista's.

I have visited the Maldives, Mauritius, Zanzibar and other Caribbean islands, in my opinion Seychelles they are the summary of all these put together.

Galleria foto Seychelles

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