4 days in Morocco: what to see and imperial cities to visit

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Morocco is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries in Africa and is a real treasure trove of art, history, culture and ancient traditions. Here's what on a long weekend.

  • Long weekend in Morocco: what to do
  • Morocco tour: attractions and places of interest
  • Fez - Morocco
  • Meknes - Marocco
  • Rabat - Morocco
  • Casablanca - Morocco
  • Marrakech - Marocco
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Long weekend in Morocco: what to do

Just imagine for a moment that you are walking around the Medina with timeless charm, imagine a night under the stars in the middle of the desert or imagine the characteristic features suk (markets) where you can buy something special; welcome to Morocco.

Il Morocco is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, particular, interesting and fascinating countries ofAfrica and we assure you that it is truly incredible thanks above all to its extraordinary ones Imperial Cities.

Morocco tour: attractions and places of interest

Arrange a Morocco tour in 4 days it's not a difficult thing, just rent a car or better a 4 × 4 jeep and choose the most beautiful cities.

In our humble opinion all city ​​of Morocco they have a peculiar feature and for this extraordinary 4-day tour, which we had the pleasure of doing, we will tell you about Fez, Meknes, Rabat, Casablanca e Marrakech.

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Fez - Morocco

Fez o Fes hosts one of the main ones airports of Morocco and can only be well connected with theSpain and with low cost flights.

Located at the foot of the Maghreb hills at about 350 meters above sea level, Fes is one of Most beautiful imperial cities of Morocco and is famous for the suk and for open-air tanneries.

Il Royal Palace is without question the main monument of the city and was built during the thirteenth century but also the Medina, or the Old Town, is something really exciting and the Porta di Bab Angnaou it is one of the most beautiful and important entry points.

Not to be missed are also theAl Qarawiyyin University which is founded in 859 AD, the Madras Bou Inania which is a unique mosque and Koranic school of its kind and Avenue Hassan II ie one of the main streets of Fes where there are a myriad of shops, restaurants ed attractions for tourists.

Meknes - Marocco

Situated in a beautiful location within the Saiss plain, Meknes is the "youngest" of Imperial cities of Morocco but, despite this, it preserves centuries of culture, history and spirituality.

Meknes is surrounded by the lush mountains of the Middle Atlas and the Rif where different qualities of fruit are grown and is famous all over the world for its incredible Medina which in 1996 was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The main places of interest in Meknes are the Mausoleo at Moulay Ismail which was the home of one of Morocco's most famous sultans, the Museo Dar Jamai which is housed in a sumptuous palace and houses a precious collection of Moroccan art (the Andalusian garden is also very beautiful) and the Volubilis which is one of the most important and best preserved archaeological sites in the country from Roman times.

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Rabat - Morocco

Rabat it's beautiful Capital of Morocco and it is a city where its streets are decorated with numerous and wonderful masterpieces.

Located along the West Coast of Morocco, Rabat is a city where centuries and centuries of history and modernity coexist harmoniously and overlooks the beautiful waters of'Atlantic Ocean.

The long history of Rabat is told by Phoenician, Roman, Almohad dynasty and Merinide Berber dynasty monuments and the main attractions not to be missed are the small but characteristic Medina, Mausoleum of Mohammed V and archaeological Museum which is, perhaps, the most beautiful and interesting of all Morocco.

we recommend visit Rabat very quickly and then leave for Casablanca.

Casablanca - Morocco

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, it is the country's economic capital and is also known as House or Dar El Baida.

The main Casablanca attractions I am the beautiful and imposing Hassan II Mosque which was completed thanks to the collaboration of over 30 thousand artisans and presents itself with an architecture that presents valuable Islamic and Moroccan elements (located in the French quarter of la Ville Nouvelle), the majestic Sacred Heart Cathedral which presents itself with neo-gothic elements and Art Deco influences and, of course, the very particular Medina.

Also not to be missed is the area of The Corniche which is the busiest place of Casablanca where there are club, luxury resort, trendy cafes e beaches beautiful.

Marrakech - Marocco

Marrakech is the country's cultural city and has been renamed "The Ocher City of Morocco".

This amazing city is world famous for jamaa el fna, the square around which the old city was built where shopping is a must.

More attractions absolutely not to be missed are there Koutoubia Mosque, the very special Medersa by Ben Youssef, Tombs of the Saadis, Bahia Palace and the ruins of the El Badi Palace.

In short, between traditions and modernity, Marrakech it is the promise of incomparable sensations.

To get more information on this wonderful African country consult Morocco holidays useful tips.

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