Seychelles all year round: events month by month

All the events in Seychelles, when to go to experience the right and most colorful parties in the wonderful African archipelago, read the post and get ready for the celebrations.

In any month you choose to visit the Seychelles, know that you will find an event, a party or a celebration. There creole culture it is in fact full of occasions to celebrate. Music, dance, outdoor picnics, bonfires on the beach, are the image of the cheerful, carefree and lively spirit of the Seychellois population.

Some are religious holidays, especially Catholic, while others are more international, secular or sporting. If you still have to choose when to leave, take a look at the calendar of Seychelles events.


Towards the end of the month you will see large yachts and catamarans compete for the Seychelles Sailing Cup in the wonderful waters of the island of Praslin. The event lasts a week.


For those who love sports, the appointment in the Seychelles is in February with the Seychelles EcoFriendly Marathon. It has been held in Mahè since 2008 and is an environmentally friendly marathon, in which everyone can participate.


The most famous event of the month of March is dedicated to fishing enthusiasts. There international deep sea fishing competition it takes place in fact during the third month of the year.


The most colorful, cheerful and festive event of the year takes place in the Seychelles in April. Let's talk about the Victoria International Carnival. This beloved party animates the capital of the archipelago, Victoria, and has nothing to envy to the most famous carnivals in Rio de Janeiro or London.

Music, dances, costumes, masks, outdoor discos, food, colors, and incredible floats enliven the city during this event. Delegations from all over the world participate in the carnival, under the banner of knowledge of cultures and respect between peoples.


Il Seychelles Arts Festival is one of the Seychelles events in May. On this occasion, local artists of all disciplines exhibit their works and often hold courses and workshops.

Singers, painters, dancers, chefs and musicians: no one is missing at the Seychelles Arts Festival! Also in May, on the 25th, we celebrate the day of FetAfrik, which sees the participation of as many artists from all over the world.


On 18 June the National holiday of the Seychelles. On this occasion, the streets of the city of Victoria are enlivened by parades, music, shows and sporting events. In the area of ​​Beau Vallon, in Mahè, other concerts and various events take place.


Again in Beau Vallon, in Mahè, a famous regatta which involves all the restaurants and clubs on the island, which celebrate this event. For Ferragosto in all the islands, but especially in La Digue, masses are held with a procession of the statue of the Virgin.


In September Praslin celebrates the Praslin Culinary Arts and Fiesta. Music, cuisine, dance, exhibitions and events, during this period color the life on the island. On the other hand, one takes place on Mahè windsurfing competition from Victoria to Praslin. To remember also the Round Table Regatta, in Beau Vallon.


One of the most felt manifestations in the Seychelles is the Creole culture festival, in October, which affects almost all parts of the archipelago. Many events take place in large hotels: music, theater, dance, art, theater and parades. The goal is to preserve and celebrate the uniqueness of the Creole culture in all its aspects.


In December, during the Christmas holidays, it's all a party. Seychellois love to get together with friends and organize parties, picnics and barbecues on the beach. Music never fails on these occasions.

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