Where to eat the Thanksgiving Day menu in Rome

Il Thanksgiving Day it is undoubtedly an American holiday, much more American than Italian, indeed, this time there is nothing at all Italian. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in October in Canada and at the end of November in the United States of America.

Since there are so many Americans who are in Rome every year during Thanksgiving, dinners and events have been organized for them too, so as not to make them feel alone, but also because let's face it, we Italians love to import other holidays. There are also many Americans who a Rome and they moved to Italy and therefore would still celebrate it at home, why not offer them a new way to celebrate it together with Italian friends even in some nice restaurant in the capital?

In Rome, for example, there are not many places that will offer one real thanksgiving dinner, but at least 2 can be mentioned. Among these you will surely find one that is right for you. I've already chosen mine, who knows we won't see each other right there;)

Live Bistrot

Vivi Bistrot is a unique place located inside Villa Pamphili, the largest park in Rome. At night it is not possible to enter the park but obviously only those who already have a reservation from Vivi Bistrot have access, and the entrance of Via Vitellia 102 is only accessible, that's why I recommend you book.
La Novelty 2014 is that Vivi Bistrot has opened the second office in Navona Square (in the splendid setting of Palazzo Braschi) and this is where dinner will be held this year.

On November 27, dinner includes this menu. The cost is € 35 per person, water, wine and spirits are excluded and reservations are required.

Organic pumpkin cream with tomino crumbs and homemade croutons Traditional turkey stuffed with chestnuts and sausages and baked in the oven
Organic puree of potatoes and celery
Green beans sautéed with garlic and ginger
Warm salad with radicchio, bacon and balsamic vinegar
Chocolate brownies with cream
Pumpkin pie with cranberry chutney

Cavalieri Hotel

A sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner takes place at the Hotel Cavalieri, located in via Alberto Cadlolo 101. Dinner is not low cost because the three courses of your choice are 65 € and it is not cheap, but the location, overlooking St. Peter's, and the interior of the hotel are truly magnificent. This would make your dinner very special even if the price of this Thanksgiving is a little above average. The three dishes must be chosen from the menu, a decidedly ambitious menu with over 30 dishes available. There is also the possibility of indicating dishes that are not on the menu, but in this case the cost of the dinner would rise and it is important to do it at least 48 hours before Thursday 28 November.

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