Where to eat the best ice cream in Bari

Do you want ice cream in Puglia? We take you to Bari to taste the ice cream of all the historic ice cream shops in the city center. In Bari there are many artisan ice cream parlors that still produce exquisite flavors, not to be missed during a low cost trip to Puglia.

Ice cream is a food particularly consumed during the summer, so much so that it is a real substitute for lunch or dinner. In the Apulian capital there are many ice cream parlors that offer a genuine and artisan product to guarantee goodness, freshness and tradition. Below I will examine a series of ice cream shops located in the different districts of Bari and which all have particularities to discover and savor.

Where to eat the best ice cream in Bari

Da Colino ice cream parlor

Definitely the Da Colino ice cream parlor, in Via Calefati 171, in the heart of the Murattiano district, is a must for the people of Bari. The restaurant is very small but very popular and has only 6 tastes that change daily based on the availability of raw materials and the season. The cream is also artisanal and particularly tasty.

The Ice Cream Makers

Further from the promenade of the streets of the center we find the ice cream maker, located in Via Salandra 40, which has over 40 flavors, all to try. There are also very special flavors such as papaya or mango and lactose-free flavors for the intolerant. The service is fast and very courteous.

Where to eat the best ice cream in Bari

Telebari Bar

In the vicinity of the Park 2 June we find the Telebari Bar dei Fratelli Scaramuzzi, whose counter offers more than 20 flavors with an excellent homemade cream included in the cost of the ice cream. The particularity of the place is that it is also a bar and pastry shop with really excellent desserts loved by the people of Bari.

Gentile ice cream parlor

In the historic center, with a wonderful view of the Castle we find the Gentile ice cream parlor, Piazza Federico II di Svevia, a small place but with a series of outdoor tables in the summer. Tastes change daily and the staff is really helpful: great for a stopover while visiting Bari Vecchia. The same goes for the San Marco ice cream parlor, overlooking Piazza Mercantile and recently opened. It is a real brand of the Apulian ice cream parlor that produces a creamy and tasty ice cream with an unforgettable cream.

Where to eat the best ice cream in Bari


For yogurt lovers there is also the chain Yogò that will delight you with all its ingredients to mix with the excellent yogurt: from fruit to meringues, from candied fruit to cereals, all to be drowned in hot Nutella.

Catullo ice cream parlor

It is also very well known Catullo ice cream parlor in Corso Cavour, one of the main shopping streets, it will take a long time to choose from all the flavors available so take all the time you need. The bar-pastry area is also well stocked.

Where to eat the best ice cream in Bari

In short, ice cream in the Apulian capital is a serious matter, and I seriously recommend you try all the ice cream parlors listed, but not only that .. there are still many others to try, but I will sacrifice myself for you!

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