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What are the typical dishes of Tenerife tips.

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Typical Spanish cuisine

La Tenerife cuisine, as well as that of all Canary Islands, is considered one of the most open and multiethnic ofEurope as it is affected by the influences ofAfrica and Latin america.

La Tenerife cuisine it is mainly based on fresh fish dishes and mainly fish are cooked Old (parrot fish), the sancocho (groupers boiled and prepared with potatoes), i Tollos (they are sharks dried and preserved in salt), i Burgaos (they are crustaceans of the Atlantic Ocean), theFresh tuna smear (marinated tuna) and the Fish with Onions (fish with onions and tomato).

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Typical Tenerife dishes

La typical cuisine of Tenerife it is not very elaborate, it is very simple and typical dishes they are cooked with ingredients main ones like the gofio (toasted corn or wheat flour), le Papa's Arrugadas (small potatoes cooked in their skins) and the mojos which are spicy sauces and are the Mojo Rojo (very hot chili pepper sauce used for meat dishes), Il My Verde (sauce made from parsley and coriander used for fish dishes) and the Mojo Picon (sauce made from pepper, chilli and cumin).

Here are the typical dishes of Tenerife and the Canary Islands:

  • Grilled cheese and mojo - grilled cheese with red and green mojo
  • Wrinkled potatoes and mojo - small potatoes topped with mojo of various flavors
  • Fish churros - fish fritters
  • Millo broth - broth based on chickpeas, garlic and corn
  • Canario ranch - spaghetti in broth made with chickpeas and pork ribs
  • Chickpeas - chickpea soup

  • Scalded Gofio - fish broth based on gofio, red onion and garlic
  • Roast Leg - roast ham
  • party meat - fried pork
  • Canary Chorizo - are the typical sausages of the Canaries


Tenerife typical sweets

Here are some of them typical sweets of Tenerife:

  • Special barraquito: coffee with condensed milk, lemon peel, cinnamon and rum.
  • quesillo: it is an egg-based pudding.
  • Trouts: they are a kind of panzerotti filled with pumpkin jam, angel hair, sweet potatoes and dried fruits.

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