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Greek cuisine

La Greek cuisine it is one of the most loved in the world thanks to its simplicity and its own typical products such as'olive oil (Greece is the third country in the world for oil production), cheese (feta),  spices, e vegetables but thanks, above all, to yours raw material which are of high quality.

In Greek cuisine they are used a lot garlic e onions which are the basis of almost all typical dishes and also serve to flavor meat in that Greece they are really of excellent quality.

Typical Athens dishes

We assume that i typical dishes of Greece they are almost always the same therefore, from city to city and from island to island, they vary very little if at all.

Here are the best dishes to eat in Athens:

  • Horiatiki: it is the classic Greek salad well known all over the world and is made up of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, capers, olives, onions and feta.

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  • Mezedes: they are appetizers also called orektika and are composed of pickles, pickles, feta, black olives and a lot of olive oil.

  • dolmades: they are rolls wrapped in vine leaves stuffed with rice, vegetables and minced meat and are accompanied by goat yogurt.

  • Ask: also known as Pite, they are small sheets filled with cheese, chicken, vegetables and minced meat.

  • Souvlaki: in Athens it is called Kalamaki and is one of the oldest dishes in Greece and consists of skewers of chicken, lamb, pork or swordfish.

Others typical dishes of Athens well known and also cooked in Spain are the Tzatziki, Moussaka, Gemista and the very famous Pita Gyros.

To drink, in addition toouzo, we recommend tasting the excellent ones homemade beers venues that are truly superb.

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Greek sweets

I best known Greek sweets in absolute terms they are:

  • Braklava: walnut and honey cake.
  • Pastels: they are honey and sesame bars.
  • Rizogalo: it is a rice pudding with cinnamon milk.

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