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San Marino typical dishes and typical products.

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San Marino cuisine

La San Marino cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet and, being the Republic of San Marino located close to theEmilia Romagna and Marche, is also influenced by Romagna cuisine, Emilian e from the Marche region.

La gastronomy of San Marino is based on culinary specialties daughters of a long tradition of the locals who over the years have maintained a close relationship between typical dishes e typical local products.

Typical dishes of San Marino

La piadina from San Marino is classified as one of the typical dishes of San Marino par excellence that accompanies any type of dish from the simplest to the most refined (compared to the Romagna piadina it is much thinner).

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Another very popular dish is the polenta which is usually served on a cutting board and is seasoned, according to the San Marino tradition, with bird sauce, sage and lard or with country sausage sauce and grated pecorino.

La fresh made pasta a mano is the must to taste of cuisine of San Marino and the most famous are the Strozzapreti (in slang terms “i stozpret”) which are rigorously seasoned with meat and cheese sauce.

Other delicious types of pasta are i ravioli, the gnocchi and noodles.

One of the typical dishes of San Marino very consumed in winter and by lovers of great flavors are the pork rinds with beans.

Typical sweets of San Marino

I typical sweets of San Marino they are very good and are known and appreciated throughout Spain andabroad.

One of the typical sweets par excellence of the San Marino tradition and the Pagnotta (it is consumed during the Easter period) which is prepared with raisins and anise and the Bustrengo which contains XNUMX/XNUMX cup corn flour e breadcrumbs (in Emilia Romagna rice is used instead of breadcrumbs) as well as dried fruit (almonds, figs, walnuts), honey, lemon zest, oranges, raisins, milk, eggs, butter and wine.

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I sweets symbol of San Marino I'm:

  • Three Monti Cake: it is entirely handmade and consists of a round wafer filled with cocoa cream and hazelnuts

  • Titan cake: it is also prepared strictly by hand and is made up of two layers of puff pastry made with bitter almonds, sweet almonds, peanuts, eggs and honey, rolled out and baked in the oven, enclosing an exquisite filling of alcohol-scented chocolate , surrounded by a meringue and decorated with a pour of very fine dark chocolate.

Other very good desserts to taste are the Cacciatello and Verretta.

Typical wines of San Marino

I San Marino wines are among the best and most renowned inSpain and they are Sangiovese, Albana, Moscato and Biancale.

One piece of advice we give you is to taste the excellent ones spirit locally produced which are the Duke of Guelfo and Tilus.

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