Villa Bardini in Florence, why visit it

Villa Bardini in Florence, that's why you should visit it, for its annual exhibitions, but also for the beauty of the place.

From here Bardini, in Firenze, and several places come to mind. Stefano Bardini, an antique dealer by profession, had bought a building where he had his atelier in Piazza dei Mozzi and also Villa Manadora, a villa in a panoramic position surrounded by fields and orchards. The villa had been part of the Mozzi properties which were located a little throughout the San Niccolò district, on the slopes of the hill on the left bank of the Arno.

On the death of Bardini's son, everything was left to the city which took a long time to unravel the skein of the inheritance, however today three places are characterized by the name Bardini: the Museum in Piazza dei Mozzi, the Garden and the Villa . I want to talk to you about Garden and Villa because I think that the visit of Florence is enormously enriched, in terms of beauty to be admired, in these places.

To reach the entrance, walk along Costa San Giorgio, passing in a second from the crowds and chaos that gravitate around the Ponte Vecchio to the quiet streets of yesteryear and countryside. The deadlift is as surprising as it is pleasant. The road climbs because the Villa is on the hill, the environment becomes more and more green until you can see the pink mass of the building. Admission to Villa Bardini costs € 8,00 and includes the Garden, the Villa and the permanent museums inside (Roberto Capucci Foundation and Annigoni Museum) plus any exhibitions under construction at the moment.

Al third floor there is a panoramic terrace that is not to say breathtaking, from which you can admire the viewpoint of Florence almost at 360 degrees. Behind us the hill, in front of us the Arno and all of Florence. And anyway, as soon as you put your nose outside the Villa you will realize the incredible intuition and taste of Stefano Bardini.

In fact, going down to the garden, where however the view does not abandon us, we find ourselves immersed in beauty. It is an unusual park, in a very vertical position as it is perched on the hill, with an Italian part with lawns, flower beds, statues and a more romantic or very wooded English part that borders the Door to San Giorgio, in addition to which there is the homonymous fort better known as Forte Belvedere.

In this season, the green of the meadows and the autumn colors of the leaves are appreciated. In spring the garden offers spectacular wisteria blooms, which cover a long pergola, of roses, azaleas, and many other well-kept flowers.

When I returned to Villa Bardini, a few days ago on a beautiful sunny day, only a few attentive tourists were in the museum and then in the Garden, everyone admired the view - which here is much superior to my taste. Piazzale Michelangelo - and the beauty of the place.

I advise you not to miss this visit during your stay in Florence. With the same ticket, among other things, you can also enter the Boboli Gardens. The opening hours are 10-19 (the garden closes according to daylight hours) from Tuesday to Sunday.

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