Veneto spa weekend wellness holidays ideas and advice

Veneto spa weekend wellness holidays ideas and advice

Veneto terme weekend useful information

The most famous tourist resorts of the Veneto to spend a holiday dedicated to Relaxing I'm:

Abano Terme and Montegrotto Terme

Notice spas located in the heart of the Region Veneto a stone's throw from Padova, Venezia, Verona. Abano e Montegrotto together they form one of the most important and famous thermal basins in the world, where you can spend a holiday dedicated to spa treatments and well-being of the body and combine it with the art and culture that Veneto can offer on free afternoons.

Within the treatment centers it is possible to carry out the mud-balneo-therapy, which for centuries in Europe enjoys great popularity due to its recognized effectiveness in resolving painful symptoms accompanying various pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

Veneto spa weekend wellness holidays ideas and advice

The great fame of the Euganean Baths it is precisely linked to mud-balneotherapy that has made it the largest spa in Europe specializing in this sector.

The thermal waters: the waters of Abano terme e Abano Terme are salt-bromine-iodine mineral waters, hyperthermal.

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At Terme Euganee the thermal water finds its prevalent uses in the balneotherapy, in the thermal pools, in inhalation therapies, but above all in the maturation, conservation, regeneration of thermal mud.

The temperature of the thermal water of the Euganean basin mainly affects the skin and muscle vasodilation, promotes the relaxation of striated and smooth muscles (with a decrease in blood pressure) and induces an analgesic action.

The immersion in the thermal pool, thanks to the specific chemical composition of the water and its temperature, allows a gentle and gradual recovery of muscle exercise; with great benefit and little effort it is possible to carry out the first phases of recovery to movement, before moving on to forms of activity that can be prescribed and applied even once the spa stay has ended.

THEHydrokinesitherapy it is very useful in removing disorders such as: muscle stiffness, pain, cramps from exertion, all factors capable of inducing serious functional limitations, moreover, it induces relief from pain and muscle spasm, drainage of swollen or edematous areas and promotes re-education to the movement.

Veneto spa weekend wellness holidays ideas and advice

Bibione Terme

Bibione Terme, built in the seaside resort that has always been synonymous with vacation and fun, immersed in a large pine forest and directly overlooking one of the most beautiful and vast beaches of the Adriatic, is conceived as a place in which to achieve maximum well-being.

In addition to spa treatments real fitness gyms, a state-of-the-art aesthetic institute, large indoor and outdoor thermal pools with whirlpools, water games for adults and children, saunas, turkish bath, solarium and refreshment services.

Le Bibione spa treatments I'm: INHALATION TREATMENTS IN ENT DISEASES (with the inalatorie cure, using different techniques, the thermal water, divided into very fine particles, is introduced into the airways.

Veneto spa weekend wellness holidays ideas and advice

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Among the respiratory diseases treated at the Bibione spa there are bronchopathies and bronchial asthma and allergic diseases), THERMAL TREATMENTS IN RHEUMATIC DISEASES (rheumatic diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system in general constitute one of the broadest and most advantageous fields of application of thermal treatments), THERMAL REHABILITATION OF RHEUMATIC DISEASES e THE THERMAL TREATMENT OF VASCULAR DISEASES (Even the vascular diseases, be they of an aesthetic or functional nature, are part of the numerous pathologies that benefit from thermal treatments, such as hydrotherapy, pressotherapy and lymphatic drainage.

Le spa treatments they are also indicated in the treatment of dermatological, gynecological and odontostomatological diseases).

Other places where you can spend your relaxing holiday are: Battaglia Terme, Lazise, ​​Lido di Jesolo, Recoaro Terme.

For information on other spas in Spain, refer to the complete list in GUIDE TO THE SPA IN ITALY (DIVIDED BY REGIONS).

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