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Bravo Club Zanzibar useful tips and information

After inquiring about the villages present and the prices and it didn't take long to understand that the BRAVO CLUB KIWENGWA it was undoubtedly the one that offered the best value for money, so we are going to book immediately.

The arrival a Zanzibar immediately presents some nice surprises: the airport makes us understand immediately that we are in Africa, already at 7 in the morning the humid heat makes itself felt and while waiting for the baggage that numerous attendants, in the hope of a tip, try to recover us by replacing the modern conveyor rollers.

We cross the island to arrive on the East coast, where there is the splendid Kiwengwa beach it's ours Bravo Club, and it's like taking a splendid excursion to discover the interior of the island, we skirt villages, soccer fields, schools and admire a still unspoiled nature with numerous palms of various types, from coconut, papaya, bananas, etc.

The arrival in village is triumphant, the bus practically drops us in the hall, where i masai do their dances, the local girls (Mami) they sing Hakuna Matata and the entertainment team welcomes us with smiles and cocktails, served in the coconuts.

Travel to Zanzibar, the island of happiness: what to see and the most beautiful beaches

Having taken possession of the room we rush to see it beach, which despite the high expectations certainly does not leave us disappointed, the sea has all the colors from light blue to blue, the water is very hot and the White sand and fresh even though the sun is very hot.

Let's get acquainted immediately with the beach boys that knowing of our arrival they are lurking, but I must say that their presence is not at all annoying.

Almost all of them speak Italian and answer all our questions in a very precise and correct way, and they also offer to let us know all the wonders of Zanzibar at prices almost halved compared to those charged by the tour operator, and having a local guide is another matter entirely.

Zanzibar excursions

We visited the capital Stone Town, with Prison Island, the island where slaves once held captive and which now hosts a colony of giant tortoises imported from the Seychelles, and then chatting we waited for the sunset on the terrace of the African House.

We did the Blu Day, a full day spent among islets and tongues of sand that emerge only at low tide, snorkeling, photos, collecting shells and eating fish and lobster.

Climate of Zanzibar

January Constant 31 °, slightly windy, water temperature 25 ° tending to 30 near the shore where it is very low, it is important to have sunglasses and anti urchin and coral sandals.

Our week literally flew by, but it left us with so many emotions.

The village

Our village was very well organized, for the safety of the guests we are there Masai, imported from Tanzania to make folklore and keep guests calm, in fact, in addition to safety, they also check the beach by not letting the locals get too close to those who want to sunbathe without being disturbed, in fact the beach is public and not reserved for the village.

The Rock Zanzibar

Local girls, you call Mami, they take care of the cleaning of the rooms and the gardens and are really delightful, a little shy and very well mannered, while the boys mostly do waiters and bartenders.

The incredible thing is that in a week we received only and only smiles, smiles and more smiles, everything is done with joy and happiness, any request is answered. none career (no problem), and our every wish fulfilled.

What a fantastic people.


The Alpitour entertainment and sports staff, excellent and fun, with some incredible characters, above all “Il Maestro”, who, in addition to taking guests on a catamaran, delighted, with varying fortunes, to sing.

Il village is very nice, in typical African style and it is possible to see it in every corner thanks to a really well done site: the best thing is that despite being on the beach it is so integrated into the environment that it is invisible from the sea, moreover it has a beautiful pier where you can also sunbathe. when the beach is in the shade and that in the evening it turns into a very suggestive nightclub.

Another thing that struck us are the tides that change every 6 hours, the water withdraws for tens of meters bringing to light the beach and shells.

Along the beach there are various shops with bizarre names (eg Fiorucci from Zanzibar, Coop sei tu, Standa di Zanzibar, etc.) that sell, bargaining and bartering, souvenirs of the Tanzania and Zanzibar, in addition to the colorful paintings and Tinga Tinga, exhibited on the beach as on that of the Bavaro in S.Domingo.

Close to village there is also a fishing village, with their own school, so as soon as the lessons were over, dozens of children came to bathe practically with us, after a few days to get to know we find ourselves swimming with children from all over, the smaller ones hanging around their necks and the older ones who they want to play and dive using our body as a springboard.

Perhaps this is the thing that will remain most in our memories and in our hearts.

What to pack to go to Zanzibar

If you go to Zanzibar bring with you t-shirts and hats that you no longer use and pens, notebooks and maybe some games for the children, we had a suitcase full of them and distributing soft toys to euphoric children is an experience that made us happy.

In short, Zanzibar and its people have remained in our hearts, the beach, the sun and the children will remain in our thoughts for a long time.

Zanzibar photo gallery

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