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    La Puraza in Rimini, where to eat

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    Even if they are from Rimini, I had never been from The Puraza. I know, I shouldn't say it but it is. But I finally made up for it last Saturday, going to dinner for an important event. La Puraza is known on the Riviera not only for fish dinners, but it is also known outside the city of Rimini because all the people who come here always come to dine in town for a fair or an important event. In fact, La Puraza has the advantage of being large but with class, character and excellent fish menu, which, for those who come from outside and eat little fish is not bad at all.

    The Puraza it can only be reached by car, you can't get there on foot or by bus, much less by bike. The restaurant is in fact located between the highway leading to San Marino and the Covignano Hill. It is not difficult to get here, but only if you have a car. La Puraza has a very large car park, so don't worry, you will certainly know where to leave your car.

    At the entrance there is a nice fish counter that will make even those who don't have much hungry, I guarantee you. Always at the entrance you will also find some nice pictures, the usual ones that talk about the customer who is (almost) always right. Things that will do to you come smile even before entering the club. The interior of the restaurant was only renovated a few years ago and is really beautiful. The rooms are all well lit but still leave the soft, relaxed atmosphere.

    Upon arrival we were greeted by piadina snacks stuffed. We obviously took fish, raw and appetizers cold, which is what I like best. But I also saw excellent first courses of paccheri and prawns and also inviting second courses. For the second, we preferred one fish fry, I must say very light and crunchy.

    Raw fish was remarkable, salmon, tuna, oysters and much more even if there were a little too many vegetables in between. Overall a dish that I recommend. Even the first colds were remarkable. In addition to frying for second, we also took del smoked salmon, an excellent fish served well even if in the end a bit too expensive. I do not recommend the latter for the same quality. Finally a lemon sorbet alcoholic with mint and not lemon, as is usually used. A different thing, however, that made the end of the meal pleasant.

    A note for children and celiacs. La Puraza is also a place for celiacs even if they don't have a huge variety of dishes, but for the average Rimini it is still valid. In addition, a couple of things let me understand that perhaps the staff is not fully prepared for this type of clientele, let's say that you have to be careful and that the place still needs a little improvement. For the children, on the other hand, a few dishes, although certainly their favorites since most of the children I know don't like fish, so cutlet, fries and gnocchi.

    One curiosity, or rather two. The Puraza in the Romagna dialect it means the clam :) Also, in the rooms of the restaurant there are videos that show live what the chefs are doing in the kitchen, a nice thing and that also gives a lot of confidence to the place.

    One size sore note in my opinion, the waiters. A little too hasty in the service, hasty. For the rest all excellent. The bill will not be entirely low cost, but it also depends on what you have ordered. All in all an excellent fish restaurant in Rimini in my opinion.

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