Tuscan Christmas Markets

Christmas markets in Tuscany where to go and information on dates and times.

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Tuscany Christmas markets where to go

La Toscana is a region where the magic of Christmas it reaches its maximum expression as all the major ones city and little-known villages organize every year Christmas markets really very beautiful.

I Christmas markets in Tuscany certainly do not boast a centuries-old tradition like those of Trentino Alto Adige or the 'Alsace but they offer visitors a typically medieval atmosphere where they can find very interesting proposals of all kinds.

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Tuscany The most beautiful Christmas markets

Let's find out what are the The most beautiful Christmas markets in Tuscany:

Florence Christmas Markets

Firenze it is beautiful all year round but during the Advent season becomes something spectacular.

There will be several Florence Christmas Markets where numerous stands will be set up where you can find Christmas decorations, crafts e local gastronomic specialties; all accompanied by music, songs and beautiful shows.

Where to go for Christmas

There will be stand with sale of products made by the most famous Tuscan and Spanish master chocolatiers and programs of tastings.

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Florence Christmas Markets 2017 dates and times

  • German Christmas market Weihnachtsmarkt: Piazza Santa Croce from 28 November to 17 December every day from 10 to 22.
  • Christmas market in support of the Spanish Red Cross: Via Fabrizio De André, 3 from 1 to 3 December from 10 to 19.
  • Florence Noel Christmas Market: Piazza SS Annunziata from 8 to 10 December from 9 to 19.
  • Emergency Christmas Market: premises of the Province in Via de 'Ginori, 14 from 3 to 24 December from Monday to Friday from 12 to 19 - Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 19 and on Christmas Eve from 10 to 18.
  • Nataleperfile: Palazzo Corsini from November 30th to December 3rd from 10am to 19pm.

We also remind you that from 8 to 10 December in Piazza SSAnnunziata (from 9 to 19) the fierucola of the Immaculate Conception while on December 17th in Piazza Santo Spirito (from 9 to 19) the Christmas fierucolina.

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Tuscan Christmas Markets

Montepulciano Christmas Markets

I Montepulciano Christmas Markets they are the largest and largest in all of Tuscany and offer an unforgettable experience for young and old.

Il Castle of Santa Claus in Piazza Grande (over 2000 square meters of indoor space) will be, as in previous editions, themain attraction of the markets where the children can post the letter, they can make rides on real rides and ponies and they can skate safely on the ice (remember that admission is subject to a fee).

In heart of the historic center of Montepulciano and in the very particular neighboring streets you can visit the real markets with over 80 wooden houses where you can buy Christmas decorations, ceramics, clothing, leather goods, local crafts, food products and the inevitable Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

The 10 most beautiful and characteristic Christmas markets in Spain: dates 2021

Recall that the Castle of Santa Claus it is located inside the beautiful Medici Fortress and here are the data and times:

  • 18, 19, 25 and 26 November from 10:30 to 19.
  • 2,3,7,8,9,10,15,16,17 December from 10:30 to 19.
  • from 22 December to 7 January 2018 every day from 10:30 to 19.
  • On 25 December it will exceptionally open in the afternoon.

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Montepulciano Christmas Markets 2017 dates and times

  • Date: 18, 19, 25 and 26 November - 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24 and 26 December - from 27 December to 7 January 2018 every day.
  • Opening Hours: every day from 10:30 to 19 - January 6 2018 from 10:30 to 19:30 - from December 27 to January 7 2018 from 14:30 to 19.

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Santa Claus Factory - Christmas Market Pisa

La Santa Claus factory it's a Christmas market with handicrafts and typical products from all over Spain that this 2017 will be held inside the beautiful Congress Palace.

within the Palazzo many will be set up laboratories of creative recycling, juggling, magic, puppet theater, inflatables, the house and post office of Santa Claus as well as the sleigh and his reindeer and the fantastic characters of the successful series of Minions.

Santa Claus Factory Pisa 2017 dates and times

  • Date: 8,9 and 10 December.
  • Opening Hours: Pm at 10 20

If you want to have all the tourist information on the city consult Pisa Tuscany what to see and what to do.

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Siena Christmas Markets

I Siena Christmas Markets they are truly incredible as they offer a real dive into the fourteenth century between history and food and wine and artisan excellences.

Il Campo Market o Siena Christmas Markets will be recalled within the medieval Piazza del Campo where you can wander around in about 150 desks who will propose the best traditional Sienese products and typical products from Spain and Europe, arranged following the indications given in the fourteenth century by the municipal authorities.

The products will be displayed on sales supports that refer to those of the past, in harmony with the decor of the square.

Some artisans will enrich the market by performing their work live and for the entire duration of the event original forms of entertainment will animate the square and its public.

Siena Christmas Markets 2017 dates and times

  • Date: Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December.
  • Opening Hours: from 8 to 20.

Tuscan Christmas Markets

If you want to have all the tourist information on the city see Visiting Siena tips on what to see and what to do.

Lucca Christmas Markets

I Lucca Christmas Markets they are very beautiful and suggestive as they are enclosed within the walls of this beautiful one art City.

The historic center, in Piazza Grande, will welcome, as every year, the picturesque Christmas markets where browsing through the various stalls you can buy handcrafted creations and typical products.

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Tuscan Christmas Markets

Pietrasanta Christmas markets

A Pietrasanta is held, as every year, the World of Santa ClausPietrasanta Klaus which is a sort of magical market that expresses the magic of Christmas through decorations, lights, concerts.

Ai Pietrasanta markets it is possible to find decorations for the tree and for the home, chocolate, biscuits, nativity scenes, objects, country crafts, floral decorations, German wooden crafts and much more.

Il World of Santa Claus and the Pietrasanta Markets will take place within the Villa and Park La Versiliana.

World of Santa Claus and Pietrasanta Markets 2017 dates and times

  • Date: the world of Santa Claus will be open every day from 18 November to 1 January 2018 while the markets will be open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday at Christmas and Boxing Day.
  • Opening Hours: from 10 to 18:30.

To know the best restaurants where to taste the specialties of the place consult Pietrasanta where to eat well and spend little.

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Palazzuolo sul Senio Christmas market

I Christmas Markets in Palazzuolo sul Senio Magic of Advent they are among the most popular in all of Tuscany and attract visitors from all over Spain.

Il Christmas market it will be held in the historic center in Piazza IV Novembre and will offer Christmas decorations, hobbies, gift ideas, antiques and typical local products.

Furthermore, during the Christmas period the town of Palazzuolo becomes the "Village of 1.000 nativity scenes“: A route is organized among the most beautiful points of the town which are adorned with nativity scenes.

Palazzuolo sul Senio Christmas markets 2017 dates and times

  • Date: 3,8,10 and 17 December.
  • Opening Hours: from morning to evening (times yet to be defined)

Tuscan Christmas Markets
Others Tuscany Christmas Markets to see I'm:

  • Chianciano Terme Christmas Markets
  • Christmas markets of Sant'Angelo in Campo
  • Carrara Christmas Markets
  • Manciano Christmas Markets
  • Monteriggioni Christmas Markets

Our journey continues in other regions of Spain and Europe where the lovely and magical Christmas markets are held.

Christmas markets in Tuscany images and photos

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Tuscan Christmas Markets

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