Easter 2022 weather forecast: shocking hypothesis. Here are the very first predictions

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Easter 2022 weather forecast. The first “atmospheric trends” do not bode well in view of the Easter holidays. A split Spain is expected, meteorologically speaking. Hypothesis of late winter in the North, more stable in the Center South and on the Major Islands. Here are the very first predictions.

What the weather will be like at Easter and Easter Monday 2022: climate and temperatures

Even if there is still enough for the next ones Easter holidays 2022, thanks to the medium and long-term climate models it is already possible to understand, briefly, what the possible atmospheric trends could be.

In this 2022, Easter will come late or Sunday 17 April, which means that we will be in the middle of spring.

We are now moving towards the end ofwinter that, as we have seen, it was not a season who knows how cold and unbearable due to the extraordinary comebacks of theAnticyclone of the Azores but the weather experts they are convinced that we will be faced with something incredibly anomalous.

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In the previous "weather guides" we talked about a "Crazy Spring 2022".

Apparently the next one Spring 2022 it will be characterized by various, sudden and classic “winter tail blows” and by perturbations laden with rain and hail; the drought was an integral part of the winter season especially on the Northern Regions, This is a fact.

So what could be the possible meteorological picture of the Easter holidays?

At the moment, the first data elaborated by medium and long-term climate models, which with time are becoming more and more precise and reliable, foresee aSpain partially divided in two, always meteorologically speaking.

Precisely in conjunction with the Easter period 2022, late snow is expected on the Alps and rains on all Northern Regions.

Better to the South Center where they are expected temperature definitely favorable but the risk of sudden thunderstorms accompanied by intense hailstorms in a purely summer style, is always around the corner.

At least for the moment they remain out of the possible negative meteorological framework Major Islands.

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