5 places to drink in Porta Venezia in Milan

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Five places in Porta Venezia in Milan where you can drink and have fun without spending a fortune. Five bars and clubs where you can spend a few hours without fainting, even in Milan.

The "in and out" in the premises on ships or Corso Como, the cool nightclub, the London style bar, those places with cocktails that you don't forget all week, the art galleries-bookstores-drugstores-bars, the charge of wine bars where there is live music and to enter yes also pay the ticket. A thousand possibilities for those who want to drink something while doing something else. The truth is that sometimes you really just want to have a quiet evening with friends, "beer" or glass of wine, possibly without fainting. Here five addresses that do not disappoint.

1. Turnè Night Bar

Turnè Night Bar, via Paolo Frisi 3. Local and relaxed staff, yellow-toned walls, large tables, comfortable seats. Varied people, as are the evenings it offers. Drop by on Tuesdays: 14 types of spritz all at 3.50, or on Wednesdays for “Vinyl Night”, good vinyl music, which you can bring from home if you wish, and cocktails and beers for 5 euros. Of course, access to the buffet is included. Film screenings on Sunday evening, with no extra charge for admission or drink.

2. Picchio coffee

Picchio coffee, via Melzo 11. A step back in time. A place opened in 1969 and remained identical to itself. A tobacconist's bar with newspapers on the tables and foosball, old photographs and signs on the walls, classic and well-made cocktails for 3,50 and easy but well placed snacks. There are those who make a bet before going elsewhere and those who stay all evening chatting with the owners and neighbors.

3. Cambridge Pub

Cambridge Pub, piazzale Susa 2. It would seem an English pub without infamy and without praise: you drink and eat discreetly, you watch the games. But on Thursday evenings, showing the university card, beers and cocktails are half price. Keep in mind if nothing else turns up.

4. Vineria Vino al Vino

Vineria Vino al Vino in via Spontini 11, at the corner with piazzale Bacone. Glasses of wine all (or almost) for 4 euros and over 450 bottles to choose from, with no restrictions or markups on the service. Even so. Instead, you can also eat something good (plates of quality cheeses and salami, good bread and friselle with tomatoes), the atmosphere is warm and jovial, the owners stop for a chat if they see that you feel like it. Scattered books, comfortable seats and extra-large opening hours complete everything. Tastings are organized on Mondays.

5. Brasserie Brussels

Brasserie Brussels, viale Abruzzi 33, corner of via Stradella. Long and narrow room, with an equally long walnut counter, 30s furniture. A little dark, just enough to create atmosphere. Friendly and smiling staff. But people come here for the excellent beers, divided as follows: five on tap well tapped and without gas and about thirty bottled beers imported from Belgium. The Trappists are exceptional, you can also find the legendary Chimay white cap. The prices for those on tap range from 2,50 euros to 5, for bottled ones it goes up to 10.

The kitchen, open until 2, also offers hamburgers, cold cuts and cheeses, salads, some hot dishes and a good choice of desserts. The chocolate ones, obviously Belgian, are amazing. The venue also has three screens to watch the games.

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