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Monopoli nightlife and nightlife

La Monopoli nightlife it is very lively and well organized as there are so many night clubs located in various key points such as the Old Town, seafront and some beaches where real ones are born beach bar.

A Monopoli, in every corner, you will find a lounge bar, for an disco bar or pub that will certainly satisfy and entertain you.

Let's find out which are the best together night clubs of Monopoli.

Monopoli aperitif and happy hour

After an intense day at the beach in one of the wonderful coves of Monopoli the time comes forappetizer and happy hour.

You can choose between one of the lounge bar and cocktail bar in the historic center of Monopoli or you can go to one of the beautiful ones beach bar.

Here where to have an aperitif in Monopoli:

Lidi Monopoli

Beautiful Fresh

Il Belli Freschi beach in Monopoli it is one of the most popular places for young people who love having fun on the beach between music e cocktail.

This lido turns into a beautiful one beach bar and organize one of the most exclusive aperitifs and happy hours in Monopoli.

Lido Belli Freschi it is located in Contrada Capitolo Tel (+39) 338 7882709.

Lido Pellerossa Monopoli

Il Lido Pellerossa is another location suitable for those who love to participate in beach party.

This beautiful Bathhouse is a perfect match between Sun, sea, Relaxing It's a lot divertissement.

Lido Pellerossa it is located in Contrada Capitolo Tel (+39) 329 7632548.

Other premises where to have an aperitif in Monopoli I'm:

  • Patio Café - Via Barbacana
  • Vinarius Live Bar - Via Cala Fontanella, 14
  • Elia lounge Bar Food & Drink - Contrada Capitolo, 5
  • Street Cafè Food & Drink - Via Argento, 27

Monopoli discos

Here are the discos of Monopoli:

Trappeto Monopoli

La Il Trappeto nightclub is one of the most fascinating and popular locations in Puglia.

Located within a splendid trappeto of the '500 this beautiful discotheque represents the right balance between the modern conception of nightlife and the atmosphere of a legacy from the past.

Monopoli beaches

Trappeto Monopoli has elegant spaces private room with a lounge style, offers restaurant service and is located Contrada Cristo delle Zolle, 207 Tel (+39) 080 6909111.

Bylla Bong Monopoly

Il Bylla Bong is one of the best known and most evocative places in Puglia where they pass famous DJs e vip characters.

The location is located inside the beautiful Baia del Sole bathing establishment and has two music areas, one where it is proposed House music and another by the pool where it is proposed commercial music.

Nightclub Bylla Bong it is located in Contrada Capitolo Tel (+39) 328 7148791.

Another equally beautiful place to see is there Masseria del Turco which is located on the Strada Statale, 16.

Monopoli Pub

A Monopoli it is pleasant to spend an evening in one of the many pub that they propose every evening live music e live concerts.

Here are the best pubs in Monopoli:

Victorian Pub Monopoly

Il Victorian Pub it is one of the most beautiful places in Monopoli, it is chic and elegant and has a very special internal room and a beautiful garden outside.

La location and also restaurant e pizzeria and organizes evenings and events with live music, karaoke e group dances.

Victorian Pub Monopoly it is located in Contrada Vagone, 345 Tel (+39) 080 6901838.

Others Monopoli pub I'm:

  • Below deck - Via Orazio Comes, 6 Tel (+39) 339 8769547.
  • The Latin Quarter - Viale Aldo Moro, 67 Tel (+39) 080 9372233.
  • Boca Chica Carribean House - Via Cone Sforza, 1 Tel (+39) 080 4107516.
  • Marvelous – Via Pintor Mameli, 1 Tel (+39) 080 9306252.

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