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Monopoly advice and information

Monopoli is a city of the most populous cities in the region Apulia and is located in province of Bari (43 km away).

This beautiful city of around 50.000 inhabitants is home to one of the ports most active in the whole region, it is also known as the city of a hundred districts and is rich in history.

Monopoli what to see

Monopoli is a city rich in history but above all in religious architecture.

Let's find out together what to see and which are the greatest places of interest in Monopoli:

Monopoli beaches

Monopoli Historic Center

Il historic center of Monopoli it is one of the largest attractions of the city as it has origins dating back tohigh Middle age and was superimposed on the remains of a Messapian settlement dating back to the XNUMXth century BC

This beautiful and evocative Old Town it faces directly on the sea, it is surrounded by very high boundary walls and, inside, it hosts monuments, churches, new walls. it's a medieval castles.

We remind you that during the summer period, the historic center of Monopoli is a very popular destination in young e tourists as it hosts many local e shops.

Castle of Carlo V Monopoli

Il Castle of Charles V was built during the period of Spanish domination in Spain in the XNUMXth century.

Built in honor of King Charles V also called the King on whose empire the sun never set, the castle it is very well preserved and is one of the largest Monopoli attractions.

Cathedral of Maria Santissima della Madia

La Cathedral Basilica of Maria Santissima della Madia is the eldest Catholic church of Monopoli and it is really very beautiful.

La cathedral it has a length of 64 meters and is made up of three naves; from the central one rises the beautiful dome 31 meters high while in the others there are many chapels including the Chapel of the Triumph of the Madonna della Madia.

Romanesque crypt Monopoli

La Romanesque crypt was found during the Archaeological excavations made in 1986 and is an ancient religious and burial site dating back to '200 BC

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La structure it has been restored to perfection and has been completely recovered and can be visited thanks to a guided tour.

Monopoli Botanical Garden

Il Lama degli Ulivi Botanical Garden is located in Contrada Belt and it is really very beautiful.

This beautiful park is open to the public all year round, it hosts many species of plants and, depending on the season, it is possible to admire a scenery always different (in summer it is also open in the evening).

Other things to see e places to visit in Monopoli I'm:

  • Church and Convent of Santa Teresa
  • Church and Convent of San Francesco da Paola
  • Church of Purgatory or of Santa Maria del Suffragio

  • Church of Santa Maria Amalfitana
  • Palazzo Martinelli
  • Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi
  • Palazzo Palmieri

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Monopoli pictures and photos

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