Turning in Florence like a tourist, towards the fish lodge

    Turning in Florence like a tourist, towards the fish lodge

    These days I've been around Firenze with gods foreign friends and so I was a tourist, but with the attention of an insider. The sore point is when friends, as usually happens in their home, finally want to stop and sit at a bar and have a drink in peace. THE risks are those of literally being plucked for a coffee or a drink. So, since we were in the Sant'Ambrogio area, we stopped at the Plaz. It is a place in via Pietrapiana, right at the point where it extends up piazza dei Ciompi. Do you know it? the square where until recently the flea market of Florence was held permanently. Now the market has been dismantled, the shacks demolished and the square awaits its new appearance.

    At Pulci you could buy vintage design objects, comics, books, clothes and furniture.

    The Plaz is open all year and all day, but in good weather it puts the tables under the fish lodge. It is an elegant loggia built for fish sellers, the work of Giorgio Vasari, which was originally located where today is Piazza della Repubblica. It was precisely the ancient and confusing heart of the city and, considered not very presentable, it was razed to the ground during the years of Florence as the capital (1865-1871) so that the loggia was moved here. However you can sit in the shade of its arches and enjoy the right drinks, or an aperitif or an evening beer. On weekends it also offers live music.

    The price is a bit higher than over the counter, but we talk about one euro more. You can also eat there.

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