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Calabria useful tips and information

La Calabrian coast it is one of the most beautiful coasts in Spain, characterized by white beaches, crystal clear waters, inlets shaped by winds and currents, and by centuries-old traditions that emerge strongly, where myths and legends intertwine.

For those who choose as a destination for their holidays Tropea, and wants to discover the surrounding area, there are many tour which are organized along what is called the "Coast of the Gods“, That is, a real aquatic-natural paradise that legend has it was chosen by the Gods as the abode of their children and destined to imprint on all those who approach a memory and indelible emotions.

This fascinating territory consists of one uncontaminated nature where the imposing granite rocks of the most varied shapes rise above the crystalline sea to drag the visitor into a world out of reality, made of scents, flavors, spectacular light effects, images and sounds that evoke legends and stimulate the peace of senses.

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Houses to see, places to visit and excursions in Calabria

La Calabria is one of the most evocative places in southern Spain and it is rich in uncontaminated areas and areas that are a thriving tourist destination also because it is bathed both by the Ionian Sea that the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Tropea Island

THETropea island, built by Benedictines, with a late-medieval style, it underwent various modifications, up to bringing it to a Latin basilica in the Renaissance period.

In addition to the church on the island, it is possible to visit a garden full of Mediterranean plants, flower beds and benches are located in various points, from where it is possible to see the sea in a truly indescribable perspective.

There is also a small one Museum, with images and documents that tell the story of Sanctuary.

At the top it is possible to go up to the terrace of the church, where there is a wonderful view of Tropea, with its ancient buildings in the historic center.

Finally, a passage opens under the island, The cave of the Palombaro which connects the Rotonda beach with that of Linguata.

The Blue Grotto

La blue Cave it is very suggestive and one of the most beautiful caves in the world.

You enter through a very small crack in a hollow rock.

Its characteristic is precisely that of coloring the environment with blue, thanks to the play of reflections between the sea, the rock and the sun's rays that enter through the cracks.

Formicoli beach

La Formicoli beach a Capo Vaticano di Ricadi is located immediately after the Gabbaturco beach, it is said that his name would be nothing more than the vulgarization of Forum Erculi.

According to some historians, in fact, Hercules, when he arrived in Spain with his ships, he founded a port which he gave his name.

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On the Capo Vaticano beach near a small church dedicated to Holy Sunday of Ricadi, there is a well at the bottom of which it is said that there is a stone on which the footprint of this Saint who was born and had her home in that district is imprinted.

Beautiful and evocative, absolutely not to be missed.

The Coves

Along the Coast of the Gods the waters are tinged with all shades of colors ranging from turquoise to deep blue and light blue, and panoramas of indescribable beauty follow one another.

It is a succession of coves with a sandy and crystalline seabed, cut out between rocky spurs, smooth tuff cliffs and sharp granite cliffs overlooking the sea, with gorges and caves that can only be reached with the boats of expert fishermen.

The rocks are interspersed with beaches very white (some reachable only through inaccessible paths), enhanced by the contrast with the blue of the sea and the intense green of the Mediterranean scrub, rich in gorse, euphorbias, prickly pears, myrtles, heather and very rare dwarf palms.

Il panorama it is enclosed by dizzying cliffs that plunge into a sea with colorful rocky bottoms rich in fish fauna, in whose waters the intense colors of the slopes of the promontory are reflected, dotted with millenary olive trees (perhaps the best known in Spain), oaks, corks, maritime pines, figs and ancient vineyards.

In fact, here we find the vineyards placed on terraces of earth, torn from the rock by the peasants through dry stone walls that gently descend to the sea.

Photo gallery Calabria Tropea and Capo Vaticano

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