Country you go, crafts you find: how to manage bulky purchases

You also like to take home souvenir from your travels? I love it. I let myself be overwhelmed by the colors, the curious shapes and the stories that hide behind the local handicrafts. Each accessory reminds me of a particular moment of the trip and helps me to bring home some of the atmosphere of that place. For several years then I have started collecting coffee cups from all over the world and I try to take them home as much as I can.

However, after letting myself be carried away by the emphasis of the moment, I ran into the same problem every time: how to take them home? Some objects are small and easily transportable even in the backpack, others cannot be folded or weigh / clutter too much .. type .. how do you manage a carpet?

A strategy for taking souvenirs home

The local handicraft of any country ranges from the smallest objects to others that are decidedly more bulky.

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Since some destinations have literally left me speechless for the wonderful traditional production, here I will tell you which countries have been in which I have found the most local handicrafts (that is, the ones that put me most in crisis, because I wanted to buy everything! ).

The geometries of Morocco

The local handicraft of the Morocco literally overwhelmed me! One of the traditional items that you absolutely must buy is the famous one tea service. In Morocco there is a very fascinating ritual for the preparation of tea. The teapots with the elongated spout, the narrow decorated glasses and the typical mint tea are an integral part of the local culture.

But this is only the beginning. Other extremely fascinating objects only the lamps worked, which project real drawings of light, and the slippers, pointed slippers that can have different colors and decorations. In the textile field, however, they are wonderful Berber carpets produced entirely by hand.

Morocco is also well known for the silver jewelry, the processing of leather andArgan oil produced from the Argania Spinosa tree, present in Morocco for millions of years. Finally, there are whole banks of spices, with the most intoxicating scents!

Country you go, crafts you find: how to manage bulky purchases

On the Silk Road in Uzbekistan

The local production of this country has literally enchanted me. L'Uzbekistanit is located on the famous Silk Road, that network of legendary routes that crossed Asia and which was beaten by caravans loaded with goods including silk, from which it takes its name. Right there set, used for scarves, dresses and clothing in general, is one of the local products to buy. Margilan is the center where the largest production in the country is located.

From Uzbekistan I also wanted to take home all the pottery, especially those with the classic mosaics in shades of blue and blue, or the curious characters in terracotta which are also sold as magnets.

Do not miss the Jewelry, especially in silver, which are very reminiscent of Moroccan production and carpets national Uzbeks to hang or use on the floor. But the production that most absolutely left me amazed is that of knives and paralytic. It represents a completely unusual form of craftsmanship because they are inlaid with patterns and designs with exotic lines.

Country you go, crafts you find: how to manage bulky purchases

All the colors of Mexico

Each of us knows the traditional Mexican object par excellence: the Sombrero. Speedy Gonzales, the famous Looney Tunes cartoon, gave us this irrepressible desire to own a sombrero, which is therefore a must among your souvenirs from the Mexico. The thing that made me smile the most was seeing all these huge hats going up on the return flight!

Local Mexican crafts are a riot of colors starting with "Fabrics, often handed down by the descendants of the ancient Maya, up to the skulls which symbolize one of the most heartfelt holidays in the country, the Día de los Muertos, a day of commemoration of the dead which in Mexico is seen as a way to celebrate life and its transience.

If you go to the famous shopping street in Playa del Carmen, the Quinta Avenida, you will not be able to help but notice the shops full of lamps with the most curious shapes, created by carving pumpkins and decorated with fabrics and colored glass to project plays of colors into the environment.

Other typical objects of Mexican handicraft are the accessories in obsidian, an extremely hard volcanic glass, i calendari Maya carved in stone, i cigars and the production of Jewelry in silver and gems.

Country you go, crafts you find: how to manage bulky purchases
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