Morocco holidays useful tips

Morocco holidays useful tips on how to get around, which guides to rely on, tourist facilities, etc.

In this article I will try in a nutshell to give you some pointers on Costi, transport, beauties to explore and quality of tourist services.

I found so much useful information during my Internet browsing that it seemed essential to reciprocate.

That said, all the following considerations are entirely personal and stem from an intense and magnificent experience.

Holidays in Morocco information, tips and suggestions

Il Cost of living in Morocco it is a little lower than ours but be careful otherwise you risk spending more.

As regards the transportation we we traveled by plane, round trip even in high season for less than 400 euros, just be patient and look up to the last few days if you have not booked well in advance.

The car could be a valid alternative and you will see that it will not take too many risks.

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The roads are in good condition if you are careful and petty crime, especially in the south, seemed almost absent.

There is also the possibility of embarking the car shortly after Marseille, but the cost of the operation is quite high.

As regards the Cost of the trip we paid 375 euros for the plane and around 2.000 euros for the stay (as a couple).

Our credit card is accepted almost everywhere.

Moroccans are wonderful people, who will never make you feel alone, many are poor and yet you can wander around the suburbs of Marrakech in relative tranquility.

I always talk about the Southern Morocco, which gave me the impression of a safer place than many of our western metropolises.

There will always be someone ready to help you.

The only drawback is the condition of women as we, as I said, were a couple (a man and a woman) and in many bars she was the only woman.

Morocco tourist facilities, climate and precautions

Le Tourist facilities are excellent and there are all types and for all budgets.

Pay attention to false guide, you will hear a lot about them, they are Moroccans who will try to offer themselves to "help you" in your trip, decide for you the important things to see, the hotels to stay at.

The authentic guides say not to listen to the false ones and I think they are right, but know however that the false guides will probably not be a real problem for you (you can find funny ones) and that fortunately the phenomenon tends to lose importance.

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As regards the climate in Morocco it is hot in the summer, but if you live in a city in northern Italy, where at the same time it suffocates from humidity by the hour, you will see that going to Morocco in the summer is a great idea.

We have also been in the desert where the temperatures are really high in this case (up to 49 °), but other parts of Morocco are even cool (in Essaouira).

However, for us who haven't spent two weeks, August was a great time to travel.

Even when it is late winter it is pleasant visit Morocco as the temperatures remain decidedly mild apart from a few rain showers from time to time.

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