The 5 most important cities of Veneto and Tuscany where to visit the most beautiful Christmas markets

Veneto and Tuscany are some of the "most beautiful and interesting Christmas Regions in Spain" and offer unique and incomparable atmospheres, especially thanks to the characteristic Christmas markets. Here are the most beautiful of all.

  • What are the most beautiful Christmas markets to see in Veneto
  • Belluno Christmas Markets - Veneto
  • Cortina d'Ampezzo Christmas Markets - Veneto
  • Christmas markets Venice - Veneto
  • Verona Christmas Markets - Veneto
  • Christmas markets Bassano del Grappa - Veneto
  • Christmas Markets Florence - Tuscany
  • Montepulciano Christmas Markets - Tuscany
  • Christmas Markets Pisa - Tuscany
  • Empoli Christmas Markets - Tuscany
  • Christmas Markets Lucca - Tuscany
  • Christmas markets in Veneto and Tuscany: images and photos

What are the most beautiful Christmas markets to see in Veneto

Il Veneto and Toscana they are some of the so-called "Regions of Christmas" among the most beautiful, fascinating and interesting in Spain and can only be "embellished" by the characteristic and suggestive Christmas Markets.

I Christmas markets of Veneto and Tuscany every corner are visited by thousands and thousands of tourists from every corner ofEurope and, with absolute certainty, we can assure you that they are nothing short of extraordinary and wonderful.

Having made this brief introduction, the time has come to discover together which are the most beautiful Christmas markets in Veneto and Tuscany that have made and continue to make the history of these magnificent regions.

Belluno Christmas Markets - Veneto

The Belluno Christmas Markets are set up in the extraordinary setting of Piazza Martiri, the social lounge of the Belluno people, where about 20 carefully selected exhibitors sell regional and local gastronomic products, gift ideas and highly prestigious “pieces” of local craftsmanship.

Where to go for Christmas

The beautiful historic center of Belluno, which has a clear and fascinating Renaissance imprint, is also a must.

In addition, on weekends there is never a shortage of concerts, educational workshops for children, events and demonstrations of all kinds.

Cortina d'Ampezzo Christmas Markets - Veneto

I Cortina d'Ampezzo Christmas Markets they are among the most chic in Spain, and it is no coincidence that they take place in the very elegant setting of Corso Spagna where, thanks to its trendy and designer shops, it is also possible to go shopping for luxury.

the beautiful Course Spain of Cortina d'Ampezzo is embellished with wonderful wooden houses, finely decorated, which sell precious and original gift ideas, toys, Christmas compositions, fine embroidery, mulled wine accompanied by roasted chestnuts and, of course, local food and wine products.

During the month of December, one of the most anticipated events is Cortina Fashion Week.

Christmas markets Venice - Veneto

I Venice Christmas Markets usually held in Campo Santo Stefano, a few steps from St. Mark's Square, and strolling surrounded by the marvelous beauties of the Venetian-style palaces is priceless.

Venice also hosts some of the most chic and precious Christmas markets in Spain as, regardless of gift ideas and food and wine products, many exhibitors sell precious decorations and Christmas decorations made of Murano glass.

Tuscan Christmas Markets

Verona Christmas Markets - Veneto

I Verona Christmas markets can only be set up in the incredible setting of Piazza dei Signori and are made in close collaboration with the Christmas market in Norimberga.

The fascinating Christmas markets make Verona an even more beautiful and romantic city and if we talk about the characteristics Christmas illuminations that embellish every corner of the Old Town, the clock stops in the true sense of the word.

Christmas markets Bassano del Grappa - Veneto

You know why i Bassano del Grappa Christmas markets are they among the most evocative and characteristic of Spain?

Just imagine for a moment walking in the shadow of medieval testimonies of great value illuminated with charm and elegance: welcome to Bassano del Grappa.

I Bassano del Grappa Christmas markets they are a real carousel of food and wine products, gift ideas and lovely Christmas decorations.

Christmas Markets Florence - Tuscany

I Florence Christmas Markets most beautiful and interesting can only take place in the splendid setting of Piazza Santa Croce which present themselves with an enviable "international charm".

Regardless of the incredible beauty of Florence, its characteristic Christmas markets are always an excellent opportunity to make purchases or gifts of great value and, above all, to taste the excellent typical products of Tuscany and very tasty street food dishes.

Montepulciano Christmas Markets - Tuscany

Visiting the Christmas markets of the extraordinary village of Montepulciano is, in our humble opinion, an obligation.

This incredible and wonderful medieval town is used to host the Christmas markets largest in Central Spain with over 80 stalls.

A Montepulciano il Christmas it's pure magic.

Christmas Markets Pisa - Tuscany

In Pisa, i Christmas markets, are "itinerant", in the sense that every year they usually change location, but this is absolutely not a problem because this City of Art of Tuscany it is beautiful almost everywhere.

To be more precise i Pisa Christmas Markets, where you can make purchases of all kinds, are set up under the Log dei Banchiin Via dei Banchi and within the Congress Palace.

Empoli Christmas Markets - Tuscany

I Empoli Christmas Markets they are able to offer something extraordinary for both adults and children and are set up inside the magical Victory Square.

Empoli it is one of the most contemporary cities of the Valdelsa but its Christmas markets are always those of the past where it is also possible to buy a myriad of international products and objects.

The historic center and the main streets of the City of Empoli they are always illuminated with charm and elegance.

Christmas Markets Lucca - Tuscany

During the Christmas holidays, every corner of the historic center of Lucca is finely decorated with artist lights and much more. Christmas markets they can only be wonderfully extraordinary.

In Lucca they are organized Events e events of any kind, i Winter Gardens they are always illuminated on a theme and, usually, inside the Real College is set up on Fashion Christmas Market in Flair for Christmas where the brand is highlighted Made in Italy.

Christmas markets in Veneto and Tuscany: images and photos

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