Sibillini Mountains, what to see in the Marche park

What to see in the Monti Sibillini National Park, in the Marche region. The excursions not to be missed to see the best of the Sibillini Mountains, read the post and go on an adventure.

What to see in the Sibillini National Park?
The Sibillini Mountains National Park is located in Central Italy, on horseback between Marche and Umbria.
Some villages of great historical and cultural interest belong to this vast area.

Territory of unspoiled nature and delicious gastronomic specialties, was unfortunately affected by the latest seismic phenomena. However, this should not be a brake on the sight of one of the most beautiful natural areas in Italy. Here are some stops not to be missed during a tour of the Sibillini Mountains, remaining in the area belonging to the Marche.

Sibillini Mountains, what to see in the Marche park

San Ruffino Lake

Un artificial lake created with a dam in the sixties. It is also called the "Ghost lake" because in early autumn until late spring, the dam is opened and the lake empties, disappearing.

The lake area then becomes a large swamp which then leaves room for the river. You can explore the area by bike, on foot or on horseback. Admiring the colors of nature around is a real spectacle.

Sibillini Mountains, what to see in the Marche park

Loving it

Amandola is a town in the province of Fermo which rises about 500 meters above the sea level, on the slopes of Mount Amandola.

The area around the town is full of woods and paths in the middle of nature. Suitable for both a winter and summer vacation. The territory of Amandola is crossed by one of the stages ofl Great Ring of the Sibillini, a journey that is spread over 120 km and that embraces the entire area of ​​the Sibillini Mountains.

The Amandola area is also very famous for delicious white truffle. Not to be missed in the areaabbey of San Ruffino, a church of the 1400s, the first place of passage and protection of nobles and now a country chapel.

La underground crypt, from the ninth century, is particularly exciting. Also make a stop at City of Amandola Refuge, from which there are many hiking trails of all levels.

Monte San Martino

Un village with an incredible panorama which can be reached by climbing a road full of curves. It is not very populated, especially if you visit it out of season. And that in a way makes it even more fascinating. From the village you can see practically all the Marches, distinguishing its borders.

Monte San Martino boasts a great treasure like the Ricci Civic Art Gallery, where the works of the famous Crivelli are kept.

Sibillini Mountains, what to see in the Marche park

Gorges of the Infernaccio

The Gorges of the Infernaccio are certainly a stop to include among what to see in the Sibillini National Park. I'm natural gorges formed by the river Tenna and among the most beautiful in the area.

Unfortunately the gorges of the Infernaccio were also affected by the earthquake, so before leaving, check which areas are accessible and which are not.

Sibillini Mountains, what to see in the Marche park

Lake of Pilate

This lake, shaped like a "goggle" is the only glacial lake in the Marche and is located at a height of more than 1900 meters, under Mount Carrier, the highest of the Sibillini.

Over the centuries, many legends have arisen on this particular basin, as well as on all the Sibillini Mountains. For example, it is said that the body of Pontius Pilate is kept here, hence the name of the lake itself.

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