SeaWorld San Diego, the most famous marine park in California

The marine park SeaWorld San Diego is one of California's top attractions. The park opened on March 21, 1964, is located in the northern part of the city of San Diego, inside the Mission Bay Park. It offers attractions and shows for all ages, as well as raising awareness of the marine life of the oceans.

The park is owned by the city of San Diego and operated by SeaWorld Entertainment, one of the main companies in the world of amusement parks. The company manages a total of 11 theme parks in the United States, visited by 23 million people every year and employs over 23 employees.


The history of SeaWorld San Diego is quite original; the four founders had in mind the creation of an underwater restaurant in the year 1964. The initial project, unattainable, was abandoned in favor of a marine zoo in Mission Bay.

With an initial investment of $ 1,5 million, 45 employees and 2 saltwater aquariums, SeaWorld has attracted over 400.000 visitors already in its first year.

In total there are 3 SeaWorld parks in the US, the first was that of San Diego, while afterwards 2 others were opened in San Antonio e Orlando. Seaworld parks are home to approximately 86.000 animals, including 8.000 land and marine animals, and 78.000 fish. But they are not just marine parks, they are also home to Bengal tigers, rhinos, polar bears and many other animals.

SeaWorld San Diego     

SeaWorld is one of the largest marine parks in the world. Divided into various thematic areas, it is home to several animal species including a colony of penguins, sharks, dolphins, polar bears and many other marine species. In all, more than 10.000 aquatic animals are housed in the park.

SeaWorld San Diego is a multifunctional park which offers various fun animal shows, exciting themed rides, several swimming pools and aquariums with animals from all over the world and numerous educational experiences. Located in the pleasant bay of Mission Bay, this amusement park dedicated to the sea is particularly suitable for children.

The Seaworld Shows

Don't miss the shows of the killer whales, sea lions, walruses and dolphins which are among the main attractions of the park. In summer there is also the opportunity to admire a beautiful nightly fireworks show.

Among the main attractions we find One ocean the spectacle of the killer whales which are a formidable force of nature. The killer whale superstar, Shamu, accompanied by his family (8 killer whales in all), emerges out of the water doing spectacular stunts that mix with the spectacular jets of the fountains.

Blue Horizons instead it is the name of the dolphin show, agile and beautiful mammals that jump and twirl full of grace.

Sea Lions Live is the show of some of the nicest and funniest animals in the park, the sea lions. Clyde and Seamore, these intelligent animals, will give you a variety of laughs and guaranteed fun.

Chinese acrobats - Learn about traditional Chinese stunts, costumes, music and more at SeaWorld's Lunar New Year event.

Also take a close look at SeaWorld San Diego's incredible variety of marine life. Don't miss the underwater tunnel Shark Encounter where you come face to face with sharks. All 'Aquaria Touch Pool you can touch animals such as sea urchins and starfish, while in theOcean Explorer Animals meet some of the sea's most secretive residents, from the swift giant Pacific octopus to eerie moray eels and Japanese crabs - the largest in the sea.

Roller coasters and water attractions 

Journey to Atlantis - Inspired by one of the sea's favorite legends, this boat tour explores a lost civilization, recreating an action-packed adventure.

Shipwreck Rapids - Navigate a meandering river that suddenly turns into swirling rapids before finally plunging into a waterfall.

Manta - Buckle up and ride this thrilling roller coaster that will make your heart pound.

Electric Eel - It will be a'new attraction which will open this summer. This park's tallest and fastest roller coaster is coming - a high-energy multi-launch mountain, thrilling loops and inversions. Here is a preview of what awaits you on Electric Eel…

Skytower - Offers breathtaking views of up to hundreds of miles in every direction, from the beauty of Mission Bay to the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean to the historic San Diego skyline.

Wild Arctic - It is a flight simulator that recreates an exciting helicopter ride. Fly through the breathtaking landscapes of the Arctic Circle, between frozen peaks and valleys en route to the Wild Arctic Base.

But SeaWorld is more than just an amusement park meant to entertain the public. At the forefront is theinterest in ecology and the environment. Sea World also has an efficient waste recycling facility, a rehabilitation center for protected species, a marine animal research center and an educational foundation.

SeaWorld San Diego is committed to educating the public about amazing marine life. With fantastic courses and programs for the little ones. Children can learn to love and respect the ocean having fun at SeaWorld San Diego.

How to get to SeaWorld

SeaWorld San Diego is located on the 500 Sea World Drive, in the area of Mission bay. The park can be reached by car using the park's car park at a cost of $ 16, or by public transport. Metropolitan Transit System buses depart from Old Town Transit Center. Many hotels and motels in the city offer free shuttle service to SeaWorld.

Address: 500 Sea World Drive, San Diego, CA 92109

Opening hours and services

SeaWorld San Diego schedules change depending on the season, so be sure to check ahead before planning your visit. The park is usually open from 10:00 to 18:00.

All shows and attractions at San Diego SeaWorld are wheelchair accessible. The park also offers a space used as a kennel for those traveling with their pet.

Ticket prices and offers

The adult ticket price (ages 10 and up) is $ 92

The ticket price for children (ages 3 to 9) is $ 87

Children from 0 to 2 years enter for free

The price of the entrance tickets a SeaWorld does not include parking.

You can buy tickets at the link below and for a few dollars more you can choose the option that also includes admission to the water park Aquatica in San Diego.


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