Skylon Tower, the observation tower on Niagara Falls

The Skylon Tower is an observation tower on Niagara Falls ed one of the main attractions present in this tourist area. The tower is located in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, on the border between Canada and the United States, and was inaugurated on October 6, 1965.

From the observation deck of the tower you can enjoy a great view of all Niagara Falls and the Niagara River, but not only that, you can also see the city and the surrounding area from above.

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Description of the Skylon Tower

The tower has a total height of 160 meters and the tower's observation deck sits 236 meters higher than the bottom of the falls. It stands on a pedestal, which consists of a multi-storey building with a hexagonal plan and with foundations that enter the ground for 15 meters.

La base of the tower it houses numerous gift shops, fast food outlets and a large games room for the enjoyment of young and old. Three unique elevators called Yellow Bug are available to climb to the top of the Skylon Tower.

these external glass elevators allow during the climb, which lasts less than 1 minute, to gradually observe the panorama that sweeps more and more over the waterfalls and the surrounding area. If you prefer stairs, you have to climb 662 steps to get to the top.

At the top of the tower are present restaurants 2, the revolving dining room on the lower level and the Summit buffet suite on the upper level. The dining room of the revolving restaurant seats 276 people and turns once an hour.

Above the restaurants are both exterior and interior Ride-to-the-top observation decks, which include the Family Fun Center and film 3D/4D “Legends of Niagara Falls”, a film with special effects on the geological history of the falls.

From the observation decks, both indoor and outdoor, you can enjoy a unique view of the mighty Niagara Falls, on Goat Island, the Great Gorge and the dazzling cityscape below. On clear days you can also see the skyline of Toronto and Buffalo, and the shores of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

Tower restaurant

The restaurant on The Skylon Tower is spread over 2 levels and offers excellent refined cuisine. When you choose to have lunch or dinner at this restaurant, admission to the Ride-to-the-Top attractions and observation decks is always free.

Il ristorante Revolving Dining Room silently rotates 360 degrees every hour, offering diners a constantly evolving point of view. You can therefore combine a romantic dinner with a breathtaking view of all Niagara Falls and the surrounding landscape.

Skylon Tower opening hours

In summertime opening hours are from 08:00 in the morning to midnight.

The opening hours in winter period it is slightly reduced, from 09:00 to 23:00.

Skylon Tower ticket prices

The cost of the ticket for adults (ages 13 and up) is $ 23.20
The cost of the ticket for children (4 to 12 years) is $ 8.45
I children under 4 years enter for free

Buy the ticket for the Skylon Tower at a reduced price


Ticket prices are quoted in Canadian dollars. The ticket allows you to log in a second time within the next 24 hours from the first entry.

When to climb the tower?

Like most observation towers, the best time to go up and visit is a little before sunset, so you have both a daytime view of the falls, enjoy the spectacular sunset over the falls and then at night see the illuminated falls, city lights and (seasonal) fireworks.

Many choose to cenare here in the evening just to use the time on the tower in the best way and enjoy the suggestive view. We remind you that if you have lunch or dinner in this exclusive restaurant, you can take advantage of thefree entry Ride-to-the-Top attractions and observation decks.

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How to reach us

The Skylon Tower stands on a small hill, located 230 meters above Niagara Falls, in downtown Niagara Falls in Ontario. The attraction is located on the western edge of Queen Victoria Park, 200 meters from the banks of the Niagara River, right at the falls.

THEaddress of the Skylon Tower is: 5200 Robinson Street - Niagara Falls, ON - L2G 2A3 - Canada. If you arrive by car, there is a large one available parking with good rates

Night lighting program Niagara Falls

From January 1st to January 31st from 16pm to 30am
From February 1st to February 28th from 17pm to 15am
From March 1st to March 11th from 17:30 to 01:00
From 12 March to 31 March from 18pm to 30am
From April 1st to April 30th from 19pm to 00am
From May 1st to May 14th from 20pm to 00am
From 15 May to 31 May from 20pm to 15am
From June 1st to July 22nd from 20pm to 45am
From 23 July to 31 July from 20:30 to 02:00
From 1st August to 15th August from 20pm to 15am
From 16 August to 31 August from 19pm to 45am
From 1st September to 19th September from 19pm to 15am
From 20 September to 30 September from 18pm to 45am
From 1 October to 15 October from 18pm to 30am
From October 16th to November 4th from 17pm to 00am
From 5th November to 30th December from 16pm to 30am
The December 31 from the 16: 30 to the 02: 00

To know

Bring an identification document with you, such as a passport or identity card.

If you are coming from the United States, you will need a passport to enter Canada.

Skylon Tower, the observation tower on Niagara Falls
Skylon Tower – Cascate del Niagara –
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